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I was coming back from North campus to my friends place in South on 23rd evening. We, six of us, gave 10/- to this eunuch. S/he blessed all of us individually. I don't believe in superstitions, but I know that this is considered to be very lucky. I hope it holds true for me, and the other five too.
I feel blessed, and maybe thats what matters.
Mish-ika :)


People try to harm it but the caravan moves on,The caravan finds love-an eternal bond. Love resides like a secret inside, The two lovers promise to stay side by side. Its something that cannot be broken, Its unbreakable because o the words that were spoken. The lovers love, the lovers hide, But no one can take away from them what they have, even if they died..

One-on-One With Delhi Police, and Weird Cheesy Guys

For the first time in my life I actually complained about eve teasing and action was taken there and then.
Whole of Lakshya was travelling back from North to our college in two cars, Priyams' and Hibas'. Hiba being the slow one was far behind, so we were actually quite taken aback when she came zooming to overtake us. The race went fine till we noticed this Indica with weird cheesy guys following us. They parked just outside the petrol pump where we'd stopped to re-fuel the car, and resumed their drive right after ours. Not giving much attention to them , we continued our race. Apparently, they thought we were racing with them and they overtook us. Their indicator changed with ours on every red light from there on.
When we finally stopped outside college to grab some chhola-bhatura, they stopped too. Quite creepy. That's when I called the cops, who turned up withing 5minutes. (Impressive, isn't it??) Well, turned out that the guys were "decent" boys from H…

Messed Up Metro Ride!!

I'm now too sure about the fact that whenever I step out of my house, I'm all set to prove Murphy's Law!!!
I left from Gurgaon for college at 7.30, after spending yet another night out (2nd in the week!!) at a friend's place. I was planning to take a bus from CP to college, but ended up coming back home instead.
All was good till I reached Yamuna Bank Metro Station, where the idiotic Metro terminates. (I had already been pushed around way too much, so calling it 'good' isn't really all that appropriate. But on second thoughts, it was much better than what was going to happen next!!) So to get home, I needed to take another one. My chappal broke as soon as I got out of the first Metro. Worse, I fell down!! Gathering all my belongings together, I rushed to the platform, with my one chappal in one hand, my bag and cell phone in the other, yellow socks in one feet, and yellow socks with black chappal in the other. Quite messed up, I know!
I stood next to the wrong…


24th October,9.30 am
अनचाही राहों मेंबस तेरी बाहों में चले हम जा रहे उम्मीद लिए निगाहों में
कुछ है शिकवा थोडी हैं शिकायतें पर अब चाह कर भी नहीं रुक सकते चाहे कितनी हो हिदायतें
सोच कर की क्या बीत चुकी है शायद कहीं हम ठहर जाएँ पर फिर आगे बढ ही गए चाहे कोई कहर ढाए
जो होना था वोह हो ही गया क्या करें अब यूँ सर झुकाए शायद इसी लम्हे को याद कर के कल गम में भी हम मुस्कुराएँ
:) ??

What's the big deal about saying "SORRY"??

"Sorry.""I am sorry.""I am sorry for you."
What is the big deal about apoogising to someone? Why do we make it such an ego hassle? OK I realise I did/said something stupid, then why does apologising for it become such a big fuss. It really isn't all that difficult. It’s just a word. It won’t make u big, or make me small. I’m allowed to make mistakes, and so are you. Why apology can’t be taken in the same harmless way is something that I fail to understand. I have so many times been coaxed into saying sorry, the recent line that was used being –“you be the bigger person and apologise.” Dude hello! I don’t want to be the bigger person. Not interested.There are times when I do apologise even when I know I'm not wrong. But that is just to set things straight. If one word can remove so much negativity, then why not? Instead of blowing it up so much, it’s a better option to say sorry when need be. Or maybe later you’ll end up feeling ‘sorry’ for yoursel…

Diwali.. Friends.. Just

It's been long since I last logged in. Have been just too busy with Lakshya, and Concoction '09 lately. It's only now that I know how much goes into getting a fest together! We still have no money and it's just hope we are surviving on till now.
Anyway, Diwali was all happy as always. happy Diwali to all of you. :) Had a lot of fun. But now that the weekend is over, I am back to the same old routine -college from 8 to 8 and then crash!!

The week has been quite eventful. Got to meet some old friends I wasn't in touch with. Had a great time. Some things are just meant to be, no matter how much you try and avoid them.

Have just finished updating my other blog, so don't have any energy left for this one. Maybe next time.

Perfect Bride?? What the HELL!

(cut, copied and pasted from my other blog)
I know it's slum development for this week, but this is something I just can't resist writing about. I came across this serial called "Lux Perfect Bride" on Star Plus yesterday when I was randomly surfing channels. So this is what I saw- some 5-7 young girls sweeping the floor, cooking, washing clothes, and doing all sorts of gharelu things, with a voice-over that said something like- "Itna to ladkikoaana hi chahiye. Agar khanabanaaursaaf-safainahiaati ho tohwohekacchibahukaisebannsaktihai?"
What the hell? What exactly are these my-life-is-almost-gone-and-this-is-my-last-chance-to-gain-fame type aunties really looking for when it comes to choosing a daughter-in-law? Education comes way down their lists. It's almost like they are getting a maid to do all the household work, just that she should be VERY fair, and VERY good looking, and yes, their sons have a say in this too!
Just when I thought media was becoming a…

Metamorphosis: Capture Change!

These are the pictures which I'd sent for a photography competition (topic was same as title) held yesterday in my college. Even though I didn't win, I love these pictures, and therefore am posting them.

I liked this too but (the mirror one) didn't signify any change, so I decided on the other three.

Let me know what you think of them.

The Good, the Bad (and the Inevitable End!) of Relationships :X

Somehow all relationships that I thought, even till the beginning of this year to be lifelong, ended in the most disgusting way. I don't know if it was my fault (I'm so sure I can't be wrong always!!) or the other person, but the fact remains that we are no longer a part of each others life.
Instance 1: I knew her for the longest time I have ever known a person. She was my 'best friend forever' type friend. We'd been there, with each other, through thick and thin, through everything. Still something went wrong, something so grave that it cannot be reversed no matter how hard I try. It just cant be back to what it was. I am still friends with her, still same on the face of it, but deep down I know I can never trust her, never ever. Its ruined, forever! :(
Instance 2: If ever there was any person who came close to me in the shortest time period possible, it was this friend from school. We were best friends for about two-three years and suddenly that came to an end…

Main khush hoon aaj khamakha!!

I've not been this happy for quite a while now. There is no particular reason (maybe there is, still figuring it out though!) but its just a phase which I want to enjoy till it lasts, and write about it so that I can feel the same joy again when I read it later.
There is no justification for doing something that is wrong, because since you know it is a wrong, the justification doesn't help. The other option can be to not think about it. Right now I know I am wrong, and as she said it- "It's karma, it will all come back to you sooner or later."- I'm ready for that also. Being selfish isn't that bad a thing after all, specially when you have given the other person food for thought.
I'm enjoying this time and I refuse to get out of it for my selfish reasons. I know I'm hurting people but then I've been hurt too. (Just when I thought I was happy, I realised how cynical I have become!!)
Main khush hun aaj khamakha Ya iss dil mein hai koi wajah Na…

What will be, will be!

We all have to resort to believing in destiny at some or the other point in our lives, and that usually happens when we don't have much idea about what is happening in our lives, or maybe even why it is happening.
If it is actually in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped, then more often than not we should be aware about what lies in store for us. This, surprisingly, doesn't happen. When anything goes wrong, we blame it on destiny. When there is no explanation for an event to occur, we blame it on destiny. When our brain stops comprehending whats happening around us, we blame it on destiny. In simple words, as soon as we think we are losing control over our lives, and someone (something!) has to take charge, we blame it on destiny!!
This blame-game just makes life easier. No questions asked, no explanations sought! It also is a really nice way to pacify oneself about their life. its not really our fault when things go downhill, "because its written". How…

No Non-Veg :(

Its almost September. Exactly 3 months and 9 days left until I can have non-veg again. Actually it shouldn't be a can. I still can, but I know for a fact that I won't.
I quit non-veg almost 9months back, on my 18th birthday, for a year. I never thought it was possible to control the temptation for so bloody long, but I'm proud of the fact that I survived! I'm all the more impressed with myself because my other family members have non-veg almost everyday, for all three meals!! We all just loove chicken (any kind), well-cooked mutton (mostly the type my mother makes), not that fond of fish though.
3 more months to go. Not enough motivation left in me but I know I will survive. I wish I had asked for something in return, like a mannat or something. Would have definitely been a great motivation. Nevertheless, I will survive!
Maybe the picture will make me feel better about not eating chicken!


My first, and my Last!

I am still not able to believe that we actually bribed a policeman today. When it comes to things like these, I'm the one who'll probably stand against the world and argue about not engaging in any activity that is not correct, no matter what the circumstances are!!
We were pulled over by the cops for using mobile phone while driving. Not ready to spare 1000/- bucks for the challan, we ended up bribing him with Rs.400. I still can't believe I was party to the whole thing.
I swear this was my first, and my last, no matter what..! :(

Thank You! <3

For some reason i couldn't finish my village traveller series. Its been long since i last blogged. Nothing inspired me enough to blog about it, or maybe there were just too many things happening for me to write about them.
I've had quite an eventful week. Things I never expected happened, people that I never expected would call did, it all feels so surreal. But I'm not complaining. Its just a phase, and I know it will pass. I just wanted to thank Vidu and Anirudh for being there when I needed them. I know you guys will never read this,but still wanted to let others know that you mean a lot to me.
And Lakshya!! I love you. What would I ever do without you??
And since its his birthday and we aren't really in terms anymore, happy birthday. Have a great day. Everything has an expiry date, and so did our friendship. Hard luck! :)

Diary of A Village Traveller: Day4

Visit to the school: My day started with a visit to the village school. Run bu the RSS, the school has a strength on 150 children, and since the fees is a handsome Rs.100, most of them do turn up. I attended the vandana (morning prayer) and then took some interviews, all with the aim of using this data for my short film.

Aalta: Since the next day was both the GrihaPravesh and Rakhi, my father had sent for someone around noon to put aalta on my mothers feet. Excited about the whole deal, I got some put on my feet too. The colour still hasn't gone from my nails, to cover which I've put green nail paint, since only that was available. But I still loved it. That was my little effort to reduce the manliness my feet otherwise possess.

Swings: There is not much I can say about this. The picture will explain better. The kids loved it. We spent so much of our evening time playing here. The fact that I almost fell is something I cannot miss. The slab turned vertical and I lost a…

Diary of A Village Traveller: Day3

August 3:
Bloody dogs:First nights almost peaceful sleep (too many mosquitoes!!!) was interrupted by stupid wild dogs who started barking so very loudly. Some had entered the house, which was left open at night. (That's how people in villages sleep.) To top it all, I realised i was sleeping alone and I had no idea where to go, so i just got up and , after so many many years, i was actually calling out for my mother like a small kid in desperate need. I finally went back to sleep in the other room, with my father!

BilaasiBahu: The next morning was quite muggy, thanks to the drizzling that went on the whole night. Fortunately the air was only humid and not hot. Bilaasibahu (bahu=daughter in-law) is our cook. That's how everone knows her. That's her identity and that has actually become her name. So finding out what really her name was was quite a task. This is what the conversation between Ma and her went like, following the discussion about finding out 'her' name: Ma: W…

Diary of A Village Traveller: Day2

August 2, Flooded Roads, Puncture, Overcrowded Train, Home Sweet Home!
The train was 3 hours late. We reached Muzaffarpur at around 12noon. The air was very humid, not all that warm though. Papa came to pick us up. Dumri (my village) was 3 hours drive from here. Exhausted by the train journey, but equally excited to see our village after so long, we hit the roads again. The first shock came to us in the form of flooded roads.
This was near Tilaktajpur, Bihar.The water was ankle deep, with no trace of the land on either sides. The kaccha houses were half drowned, and many families displaced. Tents had been planted on the roads as temporary homes for those affected by the mini-flood. Thanks to the NitishKumar government, flood relief units has already started operating and the situation was much under control!!
The next big thing was this amazingly overcrowded train. I am at a complete loss of words when I start describing it. It was bursting, true to the very core of the word. The video …

Diary of A Village Traveller: Day1

August 1, The Train Journey:
We boarded the train to Muzaffarpur at 3pm. The train journey was long, 19 hours, but I dint mind it at all. I love trains. It's the only place where I can sleep all the time, and no one can say a thing. I was carrying my copy (actually Priyam's, but mine as of now) of "Sea of Poppies" and was hell bent on finishing it before coming back (because I knew I wouldn't get time once i was back).
The train journey was quite uneventful, the usual, and then the long sleep!

A passing thought

the sunwarm it whispers something unaware i am not notice
the shade tempting some hint i ignore move on
i laugh i live i love, i think
you-me-i, us never


"The moment you think of giving up, think of the reason you held so long, and that will give u the reason to survive longer."
Why is it that relationships, that we nurture with so much love and affection, suddenly seem alien to us when even a minor thing goes wrong? We invest loads the trust, love and understanding into each of our relationships but still there are times when the thought of giving up on them is so strong that it seems almost tangible. Agreed that there are times when we are betrayed, when are faith in someone is completely shaken, and when the other person does nothing to fulfill our expectations, but is it so hard to forgive them and move on in life? Instead, we hold on our grudge and prepare to give it all back to them, with interest.
P.S. I wrote this last year and I don't remember exactly why. But I still am intrigued by the same thoughts. Why?

18 July!

18 July 2006: The best decision for my life was taken by the worst person I have ever known.
I feel so stupid when I think about what happened 3years ago, and how much it meant to me at that point in time. I was sure I would never get over it, but I did. Eventually. Time does heal everything, at least most of the things that are ugly memories and scar your mind to such an extent that you have no option but to not think about it at all (but even with that in mind, you do end up thinking about it!).
Thanks for being such a horrible person, it made flushing you out of my life so easy. And thanks for taking that decision. If not for that, I would have probably suffocated to death!

Garaj Baras!

I just love rains! They bring out the retard kid in me. I am always a happier person after I've enjoyed my rain!
Rain rain, Come again!


Well I want to blog, but there is nothing concrete that I want to write about. So I think I will just pen down the recent bittersweet developements since last week!
Here I go!
1. I moved out of my house after ONE WHOLE WEEK! That was the longest I stayed at home since last year and only I know how bad it was. (Ya well being grounded is never fun, but this one was terrible-one week!!) But then I can always count on Lakshya to get me out of trouble! We had ECA auditions. They were great too!
2. I had a fight with one of my closest friends (This is the nth time I'm using this sentence in the past month-it's 8th today, by the way- each time for a different 'close friend'!). OK so this wasn't really a fight, just some stupid misunderstanding, which I haven't figured out correctly yet! (Yea! That's the bitter of the bittersweet.)
3. Unexpected outings are always more fun than planned ones. Met a couple of friends few days back, the auto ride being the best part about…

Rain: Part II

Well this time it was a lot more eventful, therefore a longer post.
Morning - 5.30: Nothing worth mentioning happened.
5.30 - 6.16: B had just left. I was stuck in GK 1 with 12kg of 'stuff'. My cell phone had conked off long time ago (the battery has been screwing up a lot these days, doesn't even last a day!). And I was waiting for A, who seemed to be coming from the other part of the world (Bugger wasn't taking any calls from B's number while she was with me. So technically even if he was in some other part of the world, there was no way I would have known!!). I' d decided to wait till 7 and then make a move. But obviously He had other plans altogether. The next few minutes were as if they had been taken out straight from some novel, or some cheesy Hindi movie. Full on bollywood style aandhi-toofan, lonely girl with her 'stuff' waiting for help! Finally at around 6ish A came. He was sort of "disoriented about the ways", and that had taken hi… Specials Part II

I can't believe how insensitive this site is. I'm sure it's got some personal issues with me! (Wasn't it obvious the last time they mailed me, that they had to rub it in again!)
This is what they came up with today:
Subject: Is It Really Over?
Dear Mishika,Can't believe it's over? Can't stop thinking about all the good times you shared? Do you find yourself wondering if he's gone for good, or if he'll see the light and return? You're not alone! Devastating heartbreak can happen to anyone, but there is someone out there who can give you the answers you need. A psychic can help you get inside his mind -- so that you can win back his heart! New customers, choose your special offer: Get the first 3 minutes free, or enjoy 10 minutes for only $1.99!
All I want to know is: why me!!!!!


"I don't know why love starts or why it ends, but it only seems real when it's in a mess." -Head Over Heels.
"How liberating it is to love someone so much, and not be able to love anyone else, at all.. And not care whether that someone loves you, or not, or someone else, or have the potential to love anyone at all.." -Mishika

बस यूँ ही..Bass yun hi..

इंतेज़ार की आड़ में उम्मीद लगाएँ बैठें हैं,कब से उस एक पल की आस लगाए बैठें हैं, कभी ना कभी तो आएगा वो दिन, अन्दर से एक आवाज़ दस्तक देती है, बस यूँ ही..
कुछ देर से ही सही पर कुछ कर गुज़र जाएँगे, कुछ देर से ही सही पर कभी तो भुला पाएँगे, सोच कर कुछ ऐसा लबों पर मुस्कान आती है, बंद होटों से जो नज़रों में समा जाती है, बस यूँ ही...
कभी तो दिल से दिमाग जीत जाएगा, सफ़र कभी तो अपनी गति बढेगा, एक न एक दिन ऐसा भी आयेगा, सोच के ऐसा ये दिल ललचाता है, बस यूँ ही...
नज़रें कभी तो थक कर दम तोडेंगी, उम्मीद कभी तो इंतज़ार का दामन छोडेगी, कभी तो रुकेगा ख्वाइशों का कारवां, कभी तो हम भी हंस सकेंगे खुद पर, बस यूँ ही...
(For those who have trouble reading hindi)
Intezaar ki aad mein umeed lagaye baithe hain,Kab se uss ek pal ki aas lagaye baithe hain, Kabhi na kabhi to ayega woh din, Andar se ek awaaz dastak deti hai, Bass yun hi...
Kuch der se hi sahi par kuch kar guzar jaenge, Kuch der se hi sahi par kabhi to bhula paenge, Soch kar kuch aisa labon par muskaan aati hai, Band hoton se jo nazron mein sama jaati hai, Bass yun hi...
Just randomly at 1am last night, had nothing better to do (that's obviously a lie. I could have read, slept, anything but THIS!!)
Inspired from the poem (otherwise fictitious) that Julia Stiles reads in the end for Heath Ledger in "10 Things I Hate About You". { I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme. I hate it, I hate the way you're always right. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry. I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call. But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.} This is what my version is like:
I hate you for the fact that you know me so well, I hate to think of the moment for you when I fell.
I hate to cry w…

Cheero again..I love!

He has grown up. Almost 5months now. I love him more than ever. His name is more significant than anyone could ever imagine.
With all my love, To Cheero!!

Ladhkhadaaye Kadam!!

I love dancing, even though I just can't. I try all the time. Its worse than my singing (if you know me well enough then you would know why!). Most people are usually amazed at my dancing "skills", it's hard to believe how bad I am!!
This one's choreographed by me, and I obviously love it. If you think you can't dance, you should definitely watch this. You'll feel loads better and so much more confident. Enjoy!!
P.S. The one in green is Nupur. She reinforces my madness! Love <3

June14: One more. Just found it yday. I love this too. Solo performance. :) Specials

Astrology sites definitely have a thing for me. I keep getting random mails everyday from so many of these sites. And there are times when they make sense, make sense in such an amusing way that it is hard to believe.
Like this site did yesterday. I usually just delete the mail straightaway but this obviously grabbed my attention. This is what it goes like:
Subject: Is It Time to Move On?? (I could have slapped this mail if it was possible!!)
Dear Mishika,Still clinging to a relationship that's over? Sometimes it seems you can't let go of someone, no matter how hard you try. Find out what he's really thinking -- and if you should wait for him or move on -- with a free psychic love reading. New customers, enjoy your special offer: Get the first 10 minutes of your call free!Buggers I tell you!

Hey! I'm adopted!

Chumki's favorite pass time is to irritate me. This is something she aces. No matter how hard I try, I can't ignore her for long (You'll know exactly why if you know either of us well). And she is very creative when it comes to ways of irritating me.
So this time she came up with this whole story of how and why I was adopted (No I haven't been adopted. I am my parents child, but Chumki has a different story altogether!) This is what it goes like (explanation being given to R, in front of Ma):
"I am the first child, so obviously I was extremely pampered. Ma and Papa gave me so much that I got bored of everything (which includes all my toys, friends, books, etc etc). So they obviously wanted to get something that could entertain me for sometime at least. That's when they got her (i.e. Mishika) so that I wouldn't get bored. But later they got attached and adopted her."
P.S. I have heard so many of these "how-and-why-I-was-adopted" stori…

Jama Masjid

JamaMasjid is the principal mosque of Old Delhi in India. It was built by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan and it is the largest and best-known mosque in India. It is located on central street of Old Delhi, ChandniChowk.
I love this place for reasons that are not so obvious. Have some bitter-sweet memories related to this place (and Daryaganj book bazaar and Karims)..
I went there some time back, just to get some thoughts sorted!