Thursday, June 18, 2009 Specials Part II

I can't believe how insensitive this site is. I'm sure it's got some personal issues with me! (Wasn't it obvious the last time they mailed me, that they had to rub it in again!)

This is what they came up with today:

Subject: Is It Really Over?

Dear Mishika,

Can't believe it's over? Can't stop thinking about all the good times you shared? Do you find yourself wondering if he's gone for good, or if he'll see the light and return? You're not alone! Devastating heartbreak can happen to anyone, but there is someone out there who can give you the answers you need. A psychic can help you get inside his mind -- so that you can win back his heart! New customers, choose your special offer: Get the first 3 minutes free, or enjoy 10 minutes for only $1.99!

All I want to know is: why me!!!!!


SrishtiC said...

Seriously? Did you register at this site or something?
I think its someone you know. They know all about you and thats why sent this. I bet you know this person.

Hey...what if is a secret organisation which actually spies on people and then sends them mails so they dont forget 'the break up' and then visit psychiatrists for help?
They could be in collaboration with councellors and all!
Seriously, weirder things have happened.

Mishika said...

I'm sure I din't.And even I feel it's all a conspiracy. There is no other way to explain this!
And about spying, I think all my secrets are out in the open. No one needs to spy on me!
Pray, that they don't do this to me again!

Ishita_Dasgupta said...

Report it as SPAM. :-|

Mishika said...

I swear! Or maybe breach of privacy.

Reminder: You have a blog too! Write something, it's been ages!

Ketan said...

Well, psychiatrists and psychics are entirely different except that both aspire to charge you Rs. 200/10 min. But psychiatrists are also interesting. ;)

Mishika said...

I definitely don't need either of them, or so i choose to believe. :)

Ketan said...

I don't know about psychics, but psychiatrists certainly have a knack of making you feel you need them.

My psychiatry teacher once told me, "Our patients make castles in the air, and we, psychiatrists collect property tax on them!".

But if you at all try going to a psychiatrist, do so at your own risk!


Mishika said...

Not so soon.