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One-on-One With Delhi Police, and Weird Cheesy Guys

For the first time in my life I actually complained about eve teasing and action was taken there and then.
Whole of Lakshya was travelling back from North to our college in two cars, Priyams' and Hibas'. Hiba being the slow one was far behind, so we were actually quite taken aback when she came zooming to overtake us. The race went fine till we noticed this Indica with weird cheesy guys following us. They parked just outside the petrol pump where we'd stopped to re-fuel the car, and resumed their drive right after ours. Not giving much attention to them , we continued our race. Apparently, they thought we were racing with them and they overtook us. Their indicator changed with ours on every red light from there on.
When we finally stopped outside college to grab some chhola-bhatura, they stopped too. Quite creepy. That's when I called the cops, who turned up withing 5minutes. (Impressive, isn't it??) Well, turned out that the guys were "decent" boys from H…

Messed Up Metro Ride!!

I'm now too sure about the fact that whenever I step out of my house, I'm all set to prove Murphy's Law!!!
I left from Gurgaon for college at 7.30, after spending yet another night out (2nd in the week!!) at a friend's place. I was planning to take a bus from CP to college, but ended up coming back home instead.
All was good till I reached Yamuna Bank Metro Station, where the idiotic Metro terminates. (I had already been pushed around way too much, so calling it 'good' isn't really all that appropriate. But on second thoughts, it was much better than what was going to happen next!!) So to get home, I needed to take another one. My chappal broke as soon as I got out of the first Metro. Worse, I fell down!! Gathering all my belongings together, I rushed to the platform, with my one chappal in one hand, my bag and cell phone in the other, yellow socks in one feet, and yellow socks with black chappal in the other. Quite messed up, I know!
I stood next to the wrong…


24th October,9.30 am
अनचाही राहों मेंबस तेरी बाहों में चले हम जा रहे उम्मीद लिए निगाहों में
कुछ है शिकवा थोडी हैं शिकायतें पर अब चाह कर भी नहीं रुक सकते चाहे कितनी हो हिदायतें
सोच कर की क्या बीत चुकी है शायद कहीं हम ठहर जाएँ पर फिर आगे बढ ही गए चाहे कोई कहर ढाए
जो होना था वोह हो ही गया क्या करें अब यूँ सर झुकाए शायद इसी लम्हे को याद कर के कल गम में भी हम मुस्कुराएँ
:) ??