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Book Review - The Last Chai (✩✩✩✩✩)

I seldom give books five stars, but this one deserves a six!

The story is set in 2019 India, right before the elections. The author has named the main political leaders inspired by our leaders today, making the story more relatable.
The book is an eye-opener for everyone, and makes you question everything you know and wonder how much of it is it that you have absolutely no idea about.
Ripe with conspiracy theories that make so much sense, I read most of this book in one sitting, unable to keep it down once I was 50 pages into it.
At times, the book gave me a very 'Ek tha Tiger' feel, but I say that in the best way possible. The missions, the plans, the foiling of plans and overthrowing downright selfish aspirations of other countries and the role played by 'Rohingyas' (you'll know why I have put this in quotes once you read the book) are the highlights of the book.
For most part, I was curious about the character of Poorvi Acharya, the ruthless journalist out to get the…
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Book Review - The Temple Bar Woman (✩✩✩)

Received this review copy from Writers Melon.

This book had all the qualities of being a 4 star, save the ending.
But I will get to that later.

The Temple Bar Woman is a story of a young, innocent Radha aka Rani aka Radhika Chaudhary who struggles to avenge her honour by punishing her rapist - Vikram Pratap Singh, a young politician and a spoilt brat - and his friends who gang-raped her for standing up to their shenanigans. The narrative traces the protagonist's journey from 1999, when she was just another girl ready to embrace life with open arms, till 2017, when she has become the Chief minister of Agria Pradesh.

Radha, a teacher in her father's school, is brutally gang-raped by three men and thrown at the mercy of Habiba Bi, the wicked and shrewd 'malkin' of the brothel - The Temple Bar. What follows is a series of incidents which makes Habiba Bi and Radha/Rani come together as an unparalleled force to overthrow their common enemy, Vikram Singh, and his father, Bharat S…

Book Review - 8 Hours (✩✩)

(Review Copy received from Writers Melon.)

Disclaimer: The views presented are only my own perspective of the book and should not discourage anyone from reading it. You may prefer apples, I may like oranges. Doesn't say much about the fruits, only about our choices.

8 Hours is officially my most difficult read of 2018 (yet). I could not, for the life of me, get through this book. Every chapter seemed repetitive, every hour felt like a lifetime. In fact, even though I was buddy-reading this with two of my other bookstagrammer buddies, none of us could motivate the other. Much contrary to that, I think we all just pulled each other down. This book, no matter how much I tried, just did not work for me.

The story explores the fate of a family-owned company, Arya, on the verge of its demise and the protagonist, a shareholder in the company and the daughter of the founder, Aratrika, is on a mission to save it anyhow. The book is titled 8 Hours, which is reflective of the last 8 hours of th…

Book Review - Hell! No Saints in Paradise (✩✩✩✩)

Received this review copy from Writers Melon.

I was very confused about this book in the last 24 hours, so much so that I couldn't commit to giving it 4 stars, but 3 seemed too less and hence I have decided to stick to 4.

The story, set in 2050, is of a 30 year old Ismael, a Pakistani-American doing his thesis on Hell and Paradise (or rather aiming to refute the existence of both through his study). In a chance meeting with a girl named Petra, Ismael is convinced to try the hallucinogen Ayahuasca, which will set him on the path to discover the secrets unknown to the real world.

What follows is a divine intervention in a drug-induced state that further convinces Ismael to take an unplanned trip to Pakistan, reunite with his estranged father and convince him that he is a 'firm believer', and help the 'higher beings' in their 'mission'. Unknown to the level of his mission, Ismael lands in Pakistan and finds it in a condition that shocks the soul out of his livin…

About Time!

Hello Lovely People (some of you are still reading this, I hope?)
Anyhow, realising how my efforts for reviving this blog have failed miserably over the last few years, I have decided to make this platform more than just a personal blog. I plan to post my book/movie reviews from hereon.

I managed to read 41 books in 2017 and have already read 13 in 2018.
I have become supremely active on my bookstagram and goodreads page.
I am reading and reviewing books like a pro!
Makes sense to use that impetus to revive this dying soul?

That's it for now.
I will be uploading reviews every 2-3 days from now on. Hopefully that will motivate me enough to keep this blog alive even otherwise.

P.S. This July/August will be the 10th anniversary of this blog. :D

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No, I am not sharing my views on (not) being committed. Yes, this is one of my (vain) attempts to keep this blog alive. No, I have not made any effort of writing in the past few months even though I had all the time. Yes, that is certainly not a very good thing. So, this is a book review. Well, not really a review, just a few words here and there since I finally managed the onerous task of finishing reading this mostly boring book. Just a few things that will stay with me. Ok fine. Yes, this is a book review.

A brief background about how I came to read this book. My dear friend for almost six years now gifted me this this Valentine's Day (much to my surprise as I did not expect him to actually take into consideration my all-time love for Eat, Pray, Love) and hoped this would give me some insight on our 'future'. Marriage was always on the cards albeit things have been extremely rocky lately. This was supposedly my anchor to rough…

Gyaan and Geisha

Happy New Year?

Not really. It's a new year, alright. Not all that happy though. Hoping a bad start leads to a better end.

Anyhow, it's good to be back after a year. I think this has become more of an annual ritual for me now which, to say the least, is extremely disappointing. And since even this post is rushed, I will only say the things I absolutely want to.

A dear friend gifted a copy of 'Memoirs of a Geisha' to me for my 26th birthday (yes, that happened :/) and needless to say, I am thankful to him for more than one reason. Firstly, it took away the most tedious task of choosing what to read, which is what takes (wastes?) most of my time. I ABSOLUTELY cannot make up my mind about what I want to read. End result? Piles of unread dusty books. Since that was taken care of, all I needed to do was be diligent enough to find time to read it. And I did! In less than a week! You see, that's the thing about a good book, you just cannot keep it down till you're do…