Monday, March 23, 2009

THEORIZING LIFE:Reality v/s Illusion

After pondering over this for a really long time, I have finally come to the conclusion that life does exist in two parallel forms: ‘reality’ and ‘illusion’.

Reality is what we are forced to live in, just because it is said to be ‘normal’ and ‘real’, although few realize that the concept of ‘reality’ and ‘real’ is also quite relative (like every other thing, in my opinion). My reality will always be different from yours, and yours will be different from another third person's. But the only thing that is common between all our realities is that it never can make us truly ‘happy’ (another concept that involves relativity). What makes me happy today, might not tomorrow, and vice-versa. And by always being close to ‘reality’, there will always be something that bothers us. I certainly, totally, completely, fully (and allother "ly-s" to emphasize my point) believe that it is impossible to have a picture perfect ‘reality’ and be happy with it. You can be content, compromise and adjust, but then again, that does reduce your happiness quotient (if that exists) to a large degree.

On the other hand, illusion (Aah! How much I love the word at this point in my life!!) is just being away from reality. It’s a far-faraway land where everything is perfect (because it is an illusion). And to achieve complete happiness, you need to believe, and indulge, in this world of Illusion. It’s easy to get into, but really difficult to come out of. Happiness is addictive, even if it is fake, un’real’ and 'created'. Once you are there, experiencing the ultimate form of happiness, you just want to be there forever, which is quite understandable and hence justifiable too.

But the question here is- how long can you ignore reality and live in this world of illusion? Well, very honestly, forever. It’s a personal choice to opt for an alternate reality and live with it, and no one has as much control of your life as you do (and if they do, it’s time I share with you some wisdom from past experiences), and therefore, can’t really get you out of it. Situations and circumstances are two other amazingly glorified words which can drag you out of your space. But wasn’t it the situations that provoked you to get into this in the first place??


So after giving it a lot of thought, I choose to live in illusion and remain happy for the rest of my life (that actually means till the time I survive here).


One last thing: You can either live reality and be sad, or live in a world of illusion and be happy J.


DISCLAIMER: Whatever I have theorized is simply out of convenience. It might be childish, foolish or baseless (call it whatever you may want to) but it does make life so much simpler and worthwhile.

NOTE: thanks ish, for editing :) 


Ishita_Dasgupta said...'re mad!! But then, you already know that. :|

Very interesting post, but I wish you would try and get out of the said 'illusion', for your own sake.. Reality ain't all that bad, you know!! Sometimes, it is the best that can happen to you.. ;)

P.S.- The "edited" version shall be mailed to you in sometime.

Mishika said...

I shall live here till I survive. I am 'happy' like this.

P.S. thanks :)

nitika said...

this is awesome...i love illusions...they keep me happy...and away from the traumaz of the real world :)

Mishika said...

WOW!! I love when my madness is supported. Reinforcing never felt better!
P.S. If u think I'm on the verge of entering insanity, think again. I'm already there.

Ishita_Dasgupta said...



Rishabh Ladha said...

Umm..???wat to say..i reali need to write a poem 4 u..

Mishika said...

I'm waiting for it then .. :)

SrishtiC said...

I've never really thought about living in reality or illusion. I mean, I must live SOMEWHERE.
But I dont know where.
Wow, after reading your post, I've decided that I should choose a world: Illusion or Reality
Eye-opening post :)

Mishika said...

and what do you intend to choose (although being young does mean than you have a much better 'real' word)?

SrishtiC said...

Can I choose both? Like, if the Real world is harsh, I'll create my own illusion. And as long as Reality is good enough, why go indulge in Illusions?
Good idea, na? :P

Mishika said...

Oh of both 'worlds'. Quite literally :)