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18th birthday :), a day that was!

This was the second best birthday (the best will always be my 17th birthday) I have had so far and since it was me miltstone birthday (i finally turned 18!!), I'm glad I'll always have really happy memories to associate with this day. It started at night only, when three of this friends of mine gave me very chocolaty surprise!! (about which he has written here - I went late to college, around 11.Had amazing fun with lakshya over there and at IHC, won a competition, became richer than we already were :)... Alot more happened but I do not have the strength or time (have my final exams from tomorrow) to write about it.All I want to say is,I loved the day and keep going back to parts of it.

Identity Crisis

My heart goes out to this dog who looks like a Pomeranian, but is black AND his name is Poodle! I wonder what it would be like to be in his place where you have no clue who (or what) you are, or maybe even what all you are. Even his owners don't really know his breed. "He might be a hybrid",they say (which I am pretty sure he is).

Whatever the thing is, I feel very bad for that poor dog! I hope he someday comes to know what he exactly is. :)
P.S. tried getting his picture but couldn't. :(


for the title: don't know what else to write. this entry can't be given any heading because I'm just going to vent out all that's been accumulating inside me for quite long now.

And I've really had enough, enough of all these people around me who (i am damn sure) have conspired to make my life hell. they just can't let me be. and that is majorly pissing off. please if you read this(since you're so many, at least some might just read it), get this straight in your head that i really don't need you in my life. and no this is not out of any ego bursts or something, just a very genuine thing that you're no longer required. even the thought of you depresses me so please, BUZZ OFF!! least for sometime, just let me be. that's the least i can ask you to do. i already have too much on my mind to deal with you and your nonsense(trust me it is utter garbage to me, because i really am not interested).

and why am i doing this on world wide web? well, of c…