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FRIHET Pictures :D

Play: FRIHET -A Montage on Ibsen Women Directed By:Mishika Singh and Nupur Saha Lights:Mishika Singh Sounds:Diksha Dumra Costume:Lakshya, team Make-up:Mrignaina Chandra Photographs by:Nishant Chandra
Irene -Swedha Singh
Mrs. Alving -Umang Sabarwal
The Man -Ayushi Das
Lona -Apeksha Verma
Nora -Ananya Banerjee
Margit -Urvashi Kapuria

Confessions of a Workaholic (?)

'Confessions of a Patient' would have been more apt title, but I wouldn't want to do that to myself one day before my big day.
So ya, this semester, more that work, it's been illness that had kept me away. After the last post about Mail Today (that would be end of June), I slipped on the stairs broke my back (almost, severe spinal injuries). Took me a month to get better. And in September again I was down with viral, so one whole week of good food that seemed tasteless and very high temperature!
End of September went surprisingly well. My first play -FRIHET (first one which I co-directed) was staged in Little Theatre Group Auditorium as a part of the Delhi Ibsen Theatre Festival which, by the way, was huge. (Uploading the pictures. The lights look wonderful; I did them :P )

September was also my movie making month. Yes, after two long years of procrastination, we finally made our movie (but that was under compulsion, so doesn't really count). It was about Virginity an…

hello :)

Hello, because i don't know what else to call it. It's been almost a month since i last blogged. Probably the longest break I have taken. But i had my reasons :)
1. i slipped on the stairs and hurt my spine so badly that i was on bed rest for 10 days! thankfully, i didn't fracture it. been walking around the house lately, and that itself feels like some big achievement.
2. another relationship came to an end. the only consolation is that none (well, almost) of it was my fault. but ya, analyzing it did keep me quite occupied.
3. college theatre meetings keep me busy! we haven't yet started with the academic year but Lakshya (my dramatics society) has already been working for almost a month now.
will post something as soon as i manage to clear my head.
p.s. result out. 71.25% :D :D

Losing Faith

Losing faith, in life and it's ways
Losing faith, one incident is all it takes
And then you question what it's all about
You wonder if its worth the pain
When you have nothing, there is nothing to lose, and therefore, nothing at stake
Too many questions, none are answered
Too many questions
Losing faith, in life and its ways
One little incident, one small, minor incident, that will push you off the track
One incident is all it takes
Losing faith, in life and its ways


Mail Today, again!

CATE: June 10th MOMOS AND MORE: June 14th HUNT FOR BED: June 15th
:D :D :D

First By-Line!

Yes I got my first by-line in today's Mail Today, pg 14!!

Its a great feeling to see my name there :D.
The image isn't all that clear, so posting a link (or you can just click on the pic).

"By Mishika Singh in New Delhi".. Fancy, ain't it??

Also, Happy Birthday to my chuddy buddy (amongst other things), so double celebration!!

On a High,
Mish-ika ;)

Mail Today!

I started interning with Mail Today from June 1.I attended my first Press Conference, and filed my first report. Needless to say, i'm getting into this whole journo feel and am loving it.
P.s. Waiting for my first byline. P.p.s. I'd be uploading whatever I write over here, even if it doesn't get published. Please feel free to comment. In fact, you'll be doing me a favour :)


For my Love!

I see her on some nights,Those fateful nights, Feeding cats in her balcony. I'm tempted to make my presence felt. And I do. And she notices. I stare. Flashes of those 15years pass by, just pass by. For a moment, I think, she looked at me too. Smiled, maybe. I don't know if she knows what I feel, Or maybe she feels the same too. Will it ever be alright, I wonder. And with that thought, Amen!

DTC, My Love!


Trying hard to fight fate,A fate that is still unknown, Trying to figure out what (who) is meant for me, Or if forever I have to be alone.
I took a decision sometime back, Which till today was the best i'd taken so far, But now I'm as unsure as I was before, Wondering if my whole world will fall apart.
I'm scared of what lies in store for me, Scared of the future that's yet to come, Scared that it will get ruined again, Scared that I will have nowhere to run.
Disappointed, Mish-ika


Just uploading some pics because no words can do justice to what I felt when I was there. :D

IIT Kharagpur, a week that was!

Finally my dream of going to Kolkata came true. It wasn't anywhere close to the way I'd always imagined it to be, but I made it to the places I wanted to and that's all that matters!
Technically it was a trip to IIT Kharagpur (which had the suckiest fest ever. No accommodation, no bedding...arrgh!!) but I was lucky enough that our train got cancelled and we had to take another one from Kolkata to New Delhi.
IIT Kharagpur, selected few..
Indian railways, my love!

GM flowers Our "dorm" :X
SN Girls Hostel, IIT Kh.


Movie time!

I'm starting with the shoot of my fifth documentary tomorrow. And by shoot I mean I'm acting in it, not directing it. :(
It's "an intense love story", directed by students of final year M.A. Mass Communication, Jamia. Looking forward to it . :)
I've been planning on making my own movie since the beginning of this year, but somehow never got enough time. But that is just another excuse I know. Anyway, I hope I manage to direct one by the end of this semester.
**fingers crossed**
Oh and I saw "Pyaar Impossible". Horrible horrible movie. Sheer waste of money!
P.S. Dear anon stalker, I know who you are. I thought you had a life, but unfortunately you don't. I feel sorry for you.

Knock Knock!

They just got over with their last class for the day, night actually. It was 2am. Funny how some institutions don't really pay attention to our body clocks. Six of them shared a room, the biggest room in the hostel. He was about to change into his pajamas when she tapped the window pane. He didn't know her, and neither did she.
But she was beautiful.
She needed some change, urgently. He was too sleepy to pay attention. He checked his pockets and gave whatever little he had. That must havebeen enough, because she left. He turned around and saw the other five staring at him, frozen. They looked petrified, as if they'd seen a ghost.
And maybe they had.
The room was on the 7th floor.
**true story** Mish-ika