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Perfect Bride?? What the HELL!

(cut, copied and pasted from my other blog)

I know it's slum development for this week, but this is something I just can't resist writing about. I came across this serial called "Lux Perfect Bride" on Star Plus yesterday when I was randomly surfing channels. So this is what I saw- some 5-7 young girls sweeping the floor, cooking, washing clothes, and doing all sorts of gharelu things, with a voice-over that said something like- "Itna to ladki ko aana hi chahiye. Agar khana bana aur saaf-safai nahi aati ho toh woh ek acchi bahu kaise bann sakti hai?"

What the hell? What exactly are these my-life-is-almost-gone-and-this-is-my-last-chance-to-gain-fame type aunties really looking for when it comes to choosing a daughter-in-law? Education comes way down their lists. It's almost like they are getting a maid to do all the household work, just that she should be VERY fair, and VERY good looking, and yes, their sons have a say in this too!

Just when I thought media was becoming a tad bit more responsible towards portrayal of women in ads, serials, movies, etc, there comes this superbly degrading show which burst my bubble even before it got shaped.

These are the things which should be banned. This not-so good looking aunty ji thinks only good looking girls will make nice bahus. What kind of people are these? They themselves have ugly looking sons who have nothing better to do than come on some reality show for their supposed soul-mate. Same goes for girls. I wonder what they were thinking, or if they were thinking at all! So much for fame and money!

P.S. Personally, I would want in-laws who can cook well so that I get good food when I come back home after working hard all day (that is IF I ever get married).


Srishti said…
I know! I saw it too...was horrified. And why would ANYONE want to get married on a reality show?
If perfect brides are supposed to do all that work, we're way, way down the list!
Sister nuns, here we come!
Mishika said…
I know man. I don't think i'll ever get married!
balasrini said…
Hey... Think you have your own conditions for one to become ur mother-in-law??? :-P

And to say baout that shows, just for the sake of money, they started depicting not only women but all the people as just puppets... They are doing nothing but nonsense in these shows...
Mishika said…
I so do. I hope someone drills some sense into these morons!
Rene Lacoste said…
Its insane...A friend told me yesterday that his parents wanted him to marry right after graduation so that there'd be someone who'd cook meals for him and take care of the house...I asked him to tell them that they could keep a kaam-wali too...:)
Mishika said…
It is insane. Surprisingly, there is a market for such kind of stuff too. It does really get you hooked onto, quite amusingly.

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