Saturday, August 08, 2009

Diary of A Village Traveller: Day1

August 1, The Train Journey:

We boarded the train to Muzaffarpur at 3pm. The train journey was long, 19 hours, but I dint mind it at all. I love trains. It's the only place where I can sleep all the time, and no one can say a thing. I was carrying my copy (actually Priyam's, but mine as of now) of "Sea of Poppies" and was hell bent on finishing it before coming back (because I knew I wouldn't get time once i was back).

The train journey was quite uneventful, the usual, and then the long sleep!


Srishti said...

I love trains too. They have a different feel...the blue sleepers, the soft (and sometimes loud) murmurs of passengers and everything else!

Mishika said...

And while coming back the coach was new, and they had the aircraft system of showing the status, occupied/vacant, of the toilets. Really fascinating. :)