Saturday, August 08, 2009

Diary of A Village Traveller: Day2

August 2, Flooded Roads, Puncture, Overcrowded Train, Home Sweet Home!

The train was 3 hours late. We reached Muzaffarpur at around 12noon. The air was very humid, not all that warm though. Papa came to pick us up. Dumri (my village) was 3 hours drive from here. Exhausted by the train journey, but equally excited to see our village after so long, we hit the roads again. The first shock came to us in the form of flooded roads.

This was near Tilaktajpur, Bihar.The water was ankle deep, with no trace of the land on either sides. The kaccha houses were half drowned, and many families displaced. Tents had been planted on the roads as temporary homes for those affected by the mini-flood. Thanks to the Nitish Kumar government, flood relief units has already started operating and the situation was much under control!!

The next big thing was this amazingly overcrowded train. I am at a complete loss of words when I start describing it. It was bursting, true to the very core of the word. The video is a must watch to know what I am talking about.

After a brief halt (because of a tyre puncture :I) at Sitamarhi, which is the district under which my village comes, we finally reached home at around 4 in the evening. The place was so welcoming it almost felt like I was never going back. After a brief introduction with all the housekeepers and their kids, I started exploring the house. It was nothing like the previous one, which is still there, in parts, and is almost 100years old, but the very fact that it was built almost on the same foundation was satisfactory enough.

That's it for the day.
Goodnight :)


solaceofsilence said...

What the Fuck????
How can biharis live in Bihar????

Mishika said...

This is exactly why Biharis can live in Bihar, because it is not the usual, it's different. :p

Srishti said...

Gaav ki chori!
The videos are amazing :)

Mishika said...

There are many more. I clicked more than 1000 pictures and around 50 videos. :)