Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello Bombay!!

I smile every time I think of what I did in Bombay. And I smile because I can explain it better just by doing that.
Every time I did something awesome, I made a mental note of blogging about it. But somehow, none of that is going to be written here. One, because it is tooo much. And second, because it was one crazy trip, and people are judgmental.

So just posting pictures. Clicked around 300, but would be posting only selected few.
Rest are here and there.

                                                               Across  Victoria Terminus

                                                     Jewelery Shop, Colaba Causeway

                                                       Antiques, Colaba Causeway

                                                               Gateway of India

                                           Bugghy Ride, reminds me of 'Salaam Bombay'

                                                 Somewhere, where I'm not supposed to be.

                                                          'The' Taj

                                               Marine Drive, not supposed to be here either.

                                                                   Bombay Boys

Marine Drive, 05.48am
                                                                 Sea-Link, to Bandra

                                                                          Sea Link

                                                                       Cafe Mondegar

                                                     Colaba Causeway, another random shop.

                                                                            I want!

                                  Cafe Leopold, 26/11, part of history. And, of course, Shantaram.


                                                               Bagdadi Restaurant

                                                                     Navy Nagar

                                                                      Marine Drive

P.S. I know it's Mumbai, and not Bombay. Please don't bother pointing that out. I will still call it Bombay. :)