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'The Feeling'

The Feeling makes me question every relation I have.
The Feeling makes me question the people I call 'my friends'. It makes me question my idea of 'friendship'.
The Feeling makes me feel nothing.
The Feeling, on days like this one, makes it hard for me to breathe.

They say when you are betrayed, every fibre of your body reacts to it. They are right. The Feeling makes each and every cell of my body, each part of my being, writhe in pain.
The Feeling makes me question my existence.
The Feeling makes me question my choices, all of them.

The Feeling tells me I never made any 'friends'. The Feeling tells me denial is good only till it lasts. The Feeling is right. It always has been.

The Feeling makes me lose hope, bit by bit, every single day, every moment of it.
The Feeling  kicks me back to reality as soon as I forget it even exists.

The Feeling, it shall stay with me. The Feeling, it's all that will always stay with me.