Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One-on-One With Delhi Police, and Weird Cheesy Guys

For the first time in my life I actually complained about eve teasing and action was taken there and then.

Whole of Lakshya was travelling back from North to our college in two cars, Priyams' and Hibas'. Hiba being the slow one was far behind, so we were actually quite taken aback when she came zooming to overtake us. The race went fine till we noticed this Indica with weird cheesy guys following us. They parked just outside the petrol pump where we'd stopped to re-fuel the car, and resumed their drive right after ours. Not giving much attention to them , we continued our race. Apparently, they thought we were racing with them and they overtook us. Their indicator changed with ours on every red light from there on.

When we finally stopped outside college to grab some chhola-bhatura, they stopped too. Quite creepy. That's when I called the cops, who turned up withing 5minutes. (Impressive, isn't it??)
Well, turned out that the guys were "decent" boys from Hindu College, Delhi University, and were just having random fun. Random Fun. A car full of weird hooligan guys chasing a car full of girls is not exactly my idea of fun. We let them go after all the apologies that they made. They were too shocked by the whole incident. And quite frankly, I was too.

Men are such a menace. Education or no education, they're all the same. If not you, they'll be out there chasing some 100 other females. It's just so crazy.

Dogs. Hope they've learnt their lesson.


soin said...

we have had some random races with unknown people but never stalked.cant say about those sounds more like a race cum flirt case from their

Mishika said...

Wasn't a pleasant experience, whatever that was.

Nitin said...

poor guys!

Mishika said...

Dude really???

Anonymous said...

It wasnt der fault..u r so cute dat anyone wud chase u ;) <3 <3

Mishika said...

@Anon: Do you know me?

Anonymous said...

yes i do :p

"Apparently, they thought we were racing with them and they overtook us. Their indicator changed with ours on every red light from there on."
jst curious: if dey overtook u how did they keep track of ur indicator??
must have been pretty good drivers ;)

how big of an ass m i being right now ..:p

Mishika said...

i think i've just put it in the wrong way. they realised what side we were going on before overtaking us, and then did the same.

Very. who are you?

Anonymous said...

Not the right place...will tell u in person ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How did they 'realize' which side were you guys going to before overtaking you?They are into some Sixth Sense class at Hindu!?!