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IIT Kharagpur, a week that was!

Finally my dream of going to Kolkata came true. It wasn't anywhere close to the way I'd always imagined it to be, but I made it to the places I wanted to and that's all that matters!
Technically it was a trip to IIT Kharagpur (which had the suckiest fest ever. No accommodation, no bedding...arrgh!!) but I was lucky enough that our train got cancelled and we had to take another one from Kolkata to New Delhi.
IIT Kharagpur, selected few..
Indian railways, my love!

GM flowers Our "dorm" :X
SN Girls Hostel, IIT Kh.


Movie time!

I'm starting with the shoot of my fifth documentary tomorrow. And by shoot I mean I'm acting in it, not directing it. :(
It's "an intense love story", directed by students of final year M.A. Mass Communication, Jamia. Looking forward to it . :)
I've been planning on making my own movie since the beginning of this year, but somehow never got enough time. But that is just another excuse I know. Anyway, I hope I manage to direct one by the end of this semester.
**fingers crossed**
Oh and I saw "Pyaar Impossible". Horrible horrible movie. Sheer waste of money!
P.S. Dear anon stalker, I know who you are. I thought you had a life, but unfortunately you don't. I feel sorry for you.

Knock Knock!

They just got over with their last class for the day, night actually. It was 2am. Funny how some institutions don't really pay attention to our body clocks. Six of them shared a room, the biggest room in the hostel. He was about to change into his pajamas when she tapped the window pane. He didn't know her, and neither did she.
But she was beautiful.
She needed some change, urgently. He was too sleepy to pay attention. He checked his pockets and gave whatever little he had. That must havebeen enough, because she left. He turned around and saw the other five staring at him, frozen. They looked petrified, as if they'd seen a ghost.
And maybe they had.
The room was on the 7th floor.
**true story** Mish-ika