Friday, July 25, 2008

3 degrees of separation!

Living in Delhi and spending almost my entire life in DPS Noida has every now and then made me realise that the 6 degrees of separation theory might be just a li'l inappropriate for people residing in Delhi and Noida, specially the students. Here, as you will later on see for yourself, the degree of seapration is around 2 or at the max 3. You are somehow linked to every third person you know through the weirdest of connections.

I was talking to one of my friends doing law from NUJS Kolkata when he told me that one of his friends wanted to talk to me. Before I could make it clear how not interested i was, the other person came on line. This is how the conversation went:
friend's friend: "Hey mishika!"
me: "Hey? who is it?"
friend's friend: "Disha ya! U obviusly dont remember you??"
me: "Disha Bhutani?I cant believe its you!!"
And well yes, I really couldn't believe I was talking to her after two long years and this is how it was all happening!

Disha and I had met during one AIDS workshop and had spent around a month together, along with another bunch of people from ours and various other schools. We had become pretty decent friends and tried to keep in touch after the function was over. We had scanty conversations later ons which further decreased when we came to 10th. That was the last time i remember talking to her. Since then there have been plans of meeting up, having reunions but unfortunately nothing ever worked out.That was way back!
And when i heard her voice yesterday,it almost felt like i had found a long lost friend (which technically I had, although we were not lost or anything, just out of touch).

Strange is the world, and stranger are its ways of connecting people! You are somehow linked to so many people you never realised existed. I have many other instances when I was equally surprised and I'm sure the same goes for everyone who might be reading this. Guess this is how it works!

Monday, July 21, 2008

a "DATE" with dtc :(

such a horrible day! college had to start at 12 and i was sort of glad that i did'nt have to rush through things early'l did i realise that i'll still have to deal with the lech crowd all around me. changed 4 buses today to reach college but except the bus numbers, nothing else changed. people around you look at you as if you're some sort of an alien, pass obscene remarks, and make vulgar gestures. to top it all, they fall on you, and keep falling till either has to leave the bus. n alll this is not limited to the bus. the stops are crowded with equally disgusting people who have nothing better to do that stare, stare and keep staring till they get some other eye-catcher.. but i know im not the first one this is happening to, nor am i the last, so its better i get used to it(i wonder if i have another option!)