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100 truths

Yes I have copied this from face book, just for the simple reason that I don't understand why I would want to tag others in something that is totally about me (and why they would be interested in being tagged either).

1. Last beverage = nimbupaani (counts?)
2. Last phone call = aanchalghai ($%&$) 3. Last text message= anirudh
4. Last song you listened =well respected man
5. Last time you cried = saturday (21st)

6. Dated someone twice = not yet, might just in sometime
7. Been cheated on =ya, emotionally
8. Kissed someone & regretted it = yes
9. Lost someone special = lots of them
10. Been Depressed = a lot
11. Been drunk and threw up = just once

13. pink
14. red


15. Made new friends = plenty
16. Fallen out of love = ya. finally
17. Laughed until you cried = yes
18. Met someone who changed you =met someone long time back, changed now because of that.                                       …

THEORIZING LIFE:Reality v/s Illusion

After pondering over this for a really long time, I have finally come to the conclusion that life does exist in two parallel forms: ‘reality’ and ‘illusion’.Reality is what we are forced to live in, just because it is said to be ‘normal’ and ‘real’, although few realize that the concept of ‘reality’ and ‘real’ is also quite relative (like every other thing, in my opinion).My reality will always be different from yours, and yours will be different from another third person's. But the only thing that is common between all our realities is that it never can make us truly ‘happy’ (another concept that involves relativity). What makes me happy today, might not tomorrow, and vice-versa.And by always being close to ‘reality’, there will always be something that bothers us. I certainly, totally, completely, fully (and allother "ly-s" to emphasize my point) believe that it is impossible to have a picture perfect ‘reality’ and be happy with it. You can be content, compromise and a…

Cheero- my love!! <3

I got back from Pune last 13th and was welcomed with this cute little thing. This chhotu puggy was 40 days old when i met him (now 50) and is just the size of a full grown rat. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Shivam (his owner) has been very kind to me regarding my new found love. He drops him everyday at my place for sometime while he can play downstairs. Puggy was unwell a few days back. he had fever but thankfully he is doing fine now. :)
  I've named him Cheero although Shivam refuses to call him that. He is still trying up to come up with a name for him.