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Relationships- Bad Investments?

Out of all the relations I have had in my life, the only ones which seem to reap whatever I sowed are the ones with my family. In fact, they reap more, every time.

After the falling apart of another relationship, I'm compelled to think how much time and energy do we end up wasting on each of these people who come and go out of our lives, all the time?
I had a best friend who stole my camera and sold it back to me, another one who managed to turn me against my own team (the team I consider family now), my boy-best-friend who went to another city and never turned to look back, and now this. In matters of love, when do you know you've done enough?

We invest our everything to make things work and they still don't. We box-up our self esteem aside and give in to desperate measures to save what we had. We do much more, and we still end up losing everything. I do.

I do, and maybe it is just me. But what I do know is that it isn't because I'm a bad person, it's because…