Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali.. Friends.. Just

It's been long since I last logged in. Have been just too busy with Lakshya, and Concoction '09 lately. It's only now that I know how much goes into getting a fest together! We still have no money and it's just hope we are surviving on till now.

Anyway, Diwali was all happy as always. happy Diwali to all of you. :) Had a lot of fun. But now that the weekend is over, I am back to the same old routine -college from 8 to 8 and then crash!!

The week has been quite eventful. Got to meet some old friends I wasn't in touch with. Had a great time. Some things are just meant to be, no matter how much you try and avoid them.

Have just finished updating my other blog, so don't have any energy left for this one. Maybe next time.


Srishti said...

Diwali. :)

I like the photo. The second one. :P

Mishika said...

I know!

Harini said...

Good pictures :).

Btw can u take the word verification off, seems like I am blind or something I always end up typing it wrong :P.

Mishika said...


I just did.

Nitin said...

yay at the removal of the word verification thingy!!!

Nice pic indeed... Charming!

Mishika said...

Yes finally!
Thank you :)
Happy Diwali..