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A passing thought

the sunwarm it whispers something unaware i am not notice
the shade tempting some hint i ignore move on
i laugh i live i love, i think
you-me-i, us never


"The moment you think of giving up, think of the reason you held so long, and that will give u the reason to survive longer."
Why is it that relationships, that we nurture with so much love and affection, suddenly seem alien to us when even a minor thing goes wrong? We invest loads the trust, love and understanding into each of our relationships but still there are times when the thought of giving up on them is so strong that it seems almost tangible. Agreed that there are times when we are betrayed, when are faith in someone is completely shaken, and when the other person does nothing to fulfill our expectations, but is it so hard to forgive them and move on in life? Instead, we hold on our grudge and prepare to give it all back to them, with interest.
P.S. I wrote this last year and I don't remember exactly why. But I still am intrigued by the same thoughts. Why?

18 July!

18 July 2006: The best decision for my life was taken by the worst person I have ever known.
I feel so stupid when I think about what happened 3years ago, and how much it meant to me at that point in time. I was sure I would never get over it, but I did. Eventually. Time does heal everything, at least most of the things that are ugly memories and scar your mind to such an extent that you have no option but to not think about it at all (but even with that in mind, you do end up thinking about it!).
Thanks for being such a horrible person, it made flushing you out of my life so easy. And thanks for taking that decision. If not for that, I would have probably suffocated to death!

Garaj Baras!

I just love rains! They bring out the retard kid in me. I am always a happier person after I've enjoyed my rain!
Rain rain, Come again!


Well I want to blog, but there is nothing concrete that I want to write about. So I think I will just pen down the recent bittersweet developements since last week!
Here I go!
1. I moved out of my house after ONE WHOLE WEEK! That was the longest I stayed at home since last year and only I know how bad it was. (Ya well being grounded is never fun, but this one was terrible-one week!!) But then I can always count on Lakshya to get me out of trouble! We had ECA auditions. They were great too!
2. I had a fight with one of my closest friends (This is the nth time I'm using this sentence in the past month-it's 8th today, by the way- each time for a different 'close friend'!). OK so this wasn't really a fight, just some stupid misunderstanding, which I haven't figured out correctly yet! (Yea! That's the bitter of the bittersweet.)
3. Unexpected outings are always more fun than planned ones. Met a couple of friends few days back, the auto ride being the best part about…