Saturday, August 15, 2009

Diary of A Village Traveller: Day4


Visit to the school: My day started with a visit to the village school. Run bu the RSS, the school has a strength on 150 children, and since the fees is a handsome Rs.100, most of them do turn up. I attended the vandana (morning prayer) and then took
some interviews, all with the aim of using this data for my short film.

Aalta: Since the next day was both the Griha Pravesh and Rakhi, my father had sent for someone around noon to put aalta on my mothers feet. Excited about the whole deal, I got some put on my feet too. The colour still hasn't gone from my nails, to cover which I've put green nail paint, since only that was available. But I still loved it. That was my little effort to reduce the manliness my feet otherwise possess.

Swings: There is not much I can say about this. The picture will
explain better. The kids loved it. We spent so much of our evening time playing here. The fact that I almost fell is something I cannot miss. The slab turned vertical and I lost all control. And everyone thought that was funny! Meanos!!! Unfortunately (or fortunately, I don't know) I don't have a picture of that. But I very vividly remember what that felt like..!

Choodiwaali and mehendi: Ma needed some special bangles for the Pooja the next day. A choodiwaali had been summoned for that reason. And since I love mehendi, I
couldn't resist the cones that she was incidentally carrying. I love putting mehendi. I think it has the second-best (after petrol) smell in the world! I just keep looking for excuses to colour my hands, and since I was away for home and the next day was rakhi, there was no need to look for one this time.

Chumki had gone with the kids to get
guavas plucked.
They were red, and trust me they were the most delicious ones I have ever had. Really nice. We even managed to get a bag full for Delhi. Unfortunately, because of the heat, they over-riped. :(

Thats mostly how I spent my day, getting fascinated by things!
Goodnight :)


Srishti said...

1. These bachhe look so cute!
2. Short film?
3. Your feet are NOT manly!
4. I would PAY to see the scene when you fall of the slab!
5. I think in the mehendi case, we must agree to disagree...mehendi smell is actually nauseating! But I agree with petrol! The bestest smell is of geeli mitti, the musty smell after rain. And also of know, pocha!

Mishika said...

1. I know. Such posers those kids were!
2. Ya for one of my subjects.
3. Yes they are!!!
4. That was one sight! my head was spinning (that was obviously because so was the slab!!!).. But you should have been there. Hilarious.
5. I love those two too, but mehendi isn't that bad!!