Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Astrology.com Specials

Astrology sites definitely have a thing for me. I keep getting random mails everyday from so many of these sites. And there are times when they make sense, make sense in such an amusing way that it is hard to believe.

Like this site did yesterday. I usually just delete the mail straightaway but this obviously grabbed my attention. This is what it goes like:

Subject: Is It Time to Move On?? (I could have slapped this mail if it was possible!!)

Dear Mishika,

Still clinging to a relationship that's over? Sometimes it seems you can't let go of someone, no matter how hard you try. Find out what he's really thinking -- and if you should wait for him or move on -- with a free psychic love reading. New customers, enjoy your special offer: Get the first 10 minutes of your call free!

Buggers I tell you!


solaceofsilence said...

man that's so funny...
in your case it related more to you nah....
fuck this is hilarious!!!!

pheww...i'm out of breath...

Mishika said...

It's a conspiracy, I'm so sure! *pissed*

Anonymous said...

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