Sunday, May 24, 2009

My 25 things!!

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

OK I haven't been tagged by anyone. I was randomly reading blogs and came across this post over here. You must go through this one. Quite amusing, in my opinion.

But I'll try tagging 25 people, so that they can continue this randomness!!

So here it is - My 25!

1. It is almost mandatory for me to end texts with 2 punctuation marks, and mails or chats with 3. They please my eyes only that way. (And God should be spelt as God, and never god..!)

2. I am the most abstract and random person I have ever come across. I've have done things I can't imagine any sane person doing!

3. Relationships are supposed to last a lifetime, that is what the ideal me thinks. (But they never do- that is something the practical me knows.)

4. I still write a diary, even though most people around me think it's for 12-13year olds, who have so much to hide!

5. I am terrible at taking compliments. I usually just pass a stupid (and sort of spastic) smile, or say something so stupid that it ruins everything!

6. I crave for white radish. I can't live without it. (I've gotten up in the middle of the night desperate for a bite!)

7. I love my sister the most. There is no-one who I adore more than her. She might not be perfect, but she as close as one can get to perfection (or so I believe!).

8. Falling out of love was always the most difficult task I had ever faced. Now it is falling in 'it' that freaks me out.

9. I love Maths, and I hate the fact that I had to drop it after 11th. But I loved Bio equally!

10. Letters to God do get delivered, and prayers do get answered- I believe so. Miracles can't be explained, but exist for people like me, who believe in them.

11. I still believe that someday my Prince Charming will come and sway me away! I like to live in a fantasy world!

12. I am very blunt, because of which I've often landed in trouble, but then there are some lessons I just refuse to learn. :)

13. I love talking. I can go non-stop for hours together, even when the other person isn't interested. I can talk to myself, endlessly!

14. I keep having crushes, every second day. I am capable of liking many people at the same time. :) (OK I am not as pathetic as that is making me sound!)

15. The most hideous of boys have the pleasure of being labeled cute by me. I have a thing for ugly people.

16. "From now on, you are the best thing that can happen to an ugly guy." This is what one of my friends told me after I stopped talking to my ex. I believe it totally!

17. Breaking my trust is the worst thing you can do to me. And there is absolutely no explanation you can give me to justify it.

18. I demand only three things (on the face of it that is) - Respect (Nothing doing till I get this one.), A little bit of Understanding (although most of the times one might now get what I'm up to, but you can pretend once in a while.), and Trust (Try fooling around with this one and we'll be done for life.)

19. I love drawing. I don't draw all that well, but it's a great stress buster for me. I have some of them posted here.

20. I'm in love with Cheero. He is definitely the most adorable thing I've ever come across.

21. I want an arranged marriage. After screwing up twice, I can't take another risk. And Ma's choice will always be better than mine (which sucks. So technically anything would be better than that).

22. I want my sister to get married soon. I would love to be the brides' sister :)

23. I have started writing a book at least 4 times. I'm still in the process. Might have to re-start again.

24. I can't stand mushy and sweet boys. I run in the opposite direction as fast as I can if one of those approaches me. They FREAK me out!!

25. I have been in a perfect relationship, so I know what it is like. And therefore now it is really hard for me settle down with anything that is below that. :(

OK so I tag Ish, Anty, Andy, Abhinav, Purnima, Srishti, Tanya and Ladha as of now.

Moving On!!

I took a decision yesterday,
I'm not too sure how right, or how wrong,
All I know is that I'm the middle of this ocean, whose shore is not in my vicinity,
Just hoping that the tides, would sway me along.

I knew it would be hard,
But it's harder than I thought.
Becuase you still remain in my memory,
A memory that I thought I long back forgot.

You are my past, and this is my present,
This is a fact, to terms with which I have to come.
But like every other failed attempt to move away from you,
This might also be easier said than done!

I'll give in my everything to make this work,
I want to give in my heart and soul.
But feelings for you that have been supressed for long,
Will undoubtedly be very difficult to control!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chumki and I, Again

Well..Chumki read my last post and called me up to say..
"Bewakoof!! Tum pagal ho. Fishy sach mein humko boli thi. Par wo boli thi ki kissi ko nai batana. She is my friend."
("Stupid!! You are mad. Fishy actually spoke to me, but she told me not to tell anyone. She is my friend.")
I can't be blamed for being the way I am, for I live with such amazingly, insanely cute and crazy people.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chumki and I :D

A very BIZARRE conversation, early in the morning...

Me: What happened?

Chumki: Too many mosquitoes.

Me: I can't see any. You're behaving in a really weird way chumkoo...Retard!!

Chumki: Nahi. Hain naa! Fishy spoke to me yesterday?

Me: Who fishy?

Chumki: Aquarium wali. She told me she will eat all the mosquitoes, if Ma lets her out.

Me: Really? And what exactly did you tell her?

Chumki: That I can't let her out because Ma will not like it. She won't like it. And she complained about Ma not feeding her on time. So I told her that I will talk to her about it.

Me: Goodnight Chumki...You need sleep!!

P.S. Chumki is my elder sister. This is what happened to her when my computer wasn't functioning for one whole day. But now it's fine, so I hope she is fine too by the time I reach home.

By the way she is 23, turning 24 this July. :)

P.P.S. I love you Chumki...You're the sole cause of me being retard!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Getting it out!

I've always had issues venting out my frustration (and most other emotions), because more often than not,  I target it on the person who is the cause. However, with time I have realised that this doesn't really help, so I've switched to taking it out through drawings and writing (which goes straight into my diary. Thanks Aman, for gifting it to me!). It makes me feel wat lighter than any of those shouts or fights.

These are just some of my favorites :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dear Shoes

Dear shoes,

I was dreaming about you all night. I know it's absurd, and writing about it is even weirder! Don't remember the last time I saw you, where was it-under my bed? in the balcony? or was Ma wearing you? Uff!! Forget it...

I promise I shall look for you as soon as I get time. I have hardly touched you since you have come. Not that you're bad, but I just love the old ones better. No, I have nothing against you. You are not even ugly or stupid looking, just that you ain't those. Sorry!!

So stop haunting me in my dreams now. I will 'rescue' you soon from wherever you are. Till then, keep praying, but not so much that I have to kick you out of my otherwise peaceful sleep. 

NOTE: No, I am not insane or retard (or any such thing), just quite random. :)

My Diary :) :) :)

It's good to see you after such a long time,
What memories you bring back, 
It's hard to define.
A part of me lies secretly in you.
A part of me, which the world otherwise just sees through.

It's not just my state of mind,
It's you that gets these words out.
It's you that relaxes, calms my mind, 
more than it could have been, 
by shedding silent tears,  or a loud shout.

I love you more each day, 
Today more than yesterday,
And today, less than tomorrow.


P.S. For my diary, which I had abandoned for some time because of some stupid reasons.
        It's so good to have you back. :)

P.P.S. Thanks Aman, for gifting it to me.