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Rain: Part II

Well this time it was a lot more eventful, therefore a longer post.

Morning - 5.30:
Nothing worth mentioning happened.

5.30 - 6.16:
B had just left. I was stuck in GK 1 with 12kg of 'stuff'. My cell phone had conked off long time ago (the battery has been screwing up a lot these days, doesn't even last a day!). And I was waiting for A, who seemed to be coming from the other part of the world (Bugger wasn't taking any calls from B's number while she was with me. So technically even if he was in some other part of the world, there was no way I would have known!!). I' d decided to wait till 7 and then make a move. But obviously He had other plans altogether.
The next few minutes were as if they had been taken out straight from some novel, or some cheesy Hindi movie. Full on bollywood style aandhi-toofan, lonely girl with her 'stuff' waiting for help!
Finally at around 6ish A came. He was sort of "disoriented about the ways", and that had taken him that long. OK, no questions asked, no explanations sought.

6.16 - 7ish:
We were randomly walking in the market, all soaked (me:full, A:li'l bit). Had bhel puri (although A wanted to have "save" puri, but realised it a bit too late.), sat for sometime, and finally decided to leave for home.

7ish - 7.30:
We died looking for an auto. In the beginning it was all fun but not so for long! Somehow no auto would be ready to go to Mayur Vihar. (I don't live in some other bloody city! Just because it's "yamuna paar" doesn't mean you buggers can refuse!). So we decided to take an auto till Nehru Place and then a 492 from there.

Meanwhile the following developments had taken place:
1. Both my chappals had broken!
2. My jeans were falling, no belt. :(
3. My shoulder was already quite screwed, the 6kg 'stuff' didn't make it better!
4. I was COLD!

7.30 - 7.50:
Got a bus without any hassle. The only problem was that it was slower than a bullock cart, thanks to Delhi traffic and rains! It somehow dragged till the Lajpat turn and finally started moving! Not really bothered about the eventualities, we were busy talking shit, then A playing 'Asphalt', another round of non-sense talks, etc; quite amusing for others in the bus. They obviously thought we were two retards, just escaped from somewhere! (I definitely looked like one, and A was with me, so...).
And obviously 492 wasn't really on my side, so instead of taking Sarai Kale khan, we took DND. And that meant that I would have to go to Noida now, and then figure out an auto from there!

7.50 - 8.50:
I was supposed to get off at the first stop after DND, that being Rajnigandha, which obviously didn't happen. According to A, Sab mall was the best place to get down at, which, according to me, was in the other direction! And yes it was in the other direction. So we got off somewhere in Sec-20! No auto was ready to go to MV (!!!!!!). So we decided to take a rick till 18 and then an auto. I was pissed, thoroughly! (not with anything else but that stupid 492).

9ish - 9.30:
I got into the auto, A left. The auto didn't move! Apparently the other auto was parked in a such a way that mine couldn't get out. 10mins, finally moving. Too much traffic, so we took the 16A route. The auto stalls at the16A red light. 15mins (by this time I've already gotten in and out of the auto 5-6 times to get another one, obviously in vain). Somehow made a move!

9.30 - 11.00:
Ma and Chumki obviously knew what had happened. They had managed to call up both A and B, and I had no clue about it. I knew it was stupid to even try to cover up, so I just gave in. Pretty screwed up scene, but.. "shit happens!"..

The last part compensated for the whole day, law of averages governs my life after all! So I knew it was coming since long back, and it did set some very important things straight for me, so I'm not even complaining:

1. I told them about the camera thing, in each and every detail possible (I haven't blogged about it but you will know it if you know me). That means I will be rich . :D
2. I dumped P. :D :D :D

A long, though thoroughly satisfying day! Phew!

P.S. A, B and P are not random variables! Friends with identities not disclosed.


Aastha Khurana said…
hahaha! I bet you'd think of this every time you board 492 from now on!
Ketan said…

Enjoyed reading!

Looks like you were trying to prove one or the other Murphy's law? ;)

And if you don't mind, 'seeked' should've been 'sought'.

Take care.
Mishika said…
Hey thanks! I'd been wondering what felt so wrong about that word. Guess it was because it isn't a word at all. :P
Mishika said…
And about the Murphy's law thing, I think most of my actions follow that, inevitably.

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