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The North and South of Delhi University

Because this year has been so harsh on me (and even worse on friends around), there is nothing more I wish for right now than this year to get over.

2012, Please come soon!

And because so many things have happened, there was no time to blog.

But killing these ten days is going to be more difficult than I thought, so I'd rather vent here than anywhere else.

If I hadn't announced it already (clears throat), I'm doing law! Law from North Campus. Now when I come to dissect this, I cannot decide which out the two is a bad thing (if at all any of it is, that is). I've wanted to do law since long (or so I think), and I'd already dropped it once. Dropping it the second time would have killed me. But the thing is that I fell in love with film-making in these three years (remember three years of graduation? I did it in Journalism), and divorcing that killed me too. It's the second-toughest choice I've ever had to make in my life. (The first one was dropping either Ma…

DUSU Elections: Of floods and Cops!

I'm referring to them as 'floods' just because it's more dramatic than just 'rain' or 'water-logging'.

I thought I'd have much more to say when I was clicking these, but somehow now I don't want to.
I guess that is what happens when you discuss politics all the time; you get sick of it.

P.s. Somehow the cop-show and the Delhi rains ended up becoming more interesting that the whole election process.

Slut Walk arthaat Besharmi Morcha- Finally!

Yes, the Walk did take place. And no, it wasn't a gathering, it was a proper walk.
Around thousand people turned up, and I am more than satisfied with what we have achieved. The pictures, appreciation, comments, remarks, criticisms- everything is available online.

What isn't is what I wish to share.
One of the radio stations did a show on how a Walk like this would change the society. My first reaction was to switch the station, but I din't, and I'm glad.

So this man called up and said-

"मैं भी लड़कियों को घूरा करता था पहले, पर मुझे समझ नहीं आता था इसमें दिक्कत क्या है? I now know that something as basic as staring is actually violating someone's privacy. I'm glad that the Walk din't focus only on rapes, but so-called 'trivial' issues like staring. It was an eye-opener."

I'm still smiling.
Sweet taste of satisfaction.

Slut Walk arthaat Besharmi Morcha- Take 3

Slut Walk arthaat Besharmi Morcha- Take 2

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

SlutWalk Delhi arthaat Besharmi Morcha.
Sunday, 31 July.
10.30am to 12.30pm.
Jantar Mantar Road.

See you.

Majaa Maa!

25th May, 2011- Bombay
25th June, 2011- Ahmedabad!

In these six months, I have been to four different states for all different reasons, and fallen in love with each of them. When I think of all these trips now, it's hard to decide which one was better than the other. I have fallen in love, with all the three places- Kolkata, Bombay and Ahmedabad.

I think I mentioned why I went to Kolkata and Bombay.
Quick recap- Kolkata, because our documentary got selected for the Annual Film Festival of St. Xavier's College.
Bombay- for my PG interview in Xaveirs Institute of Communication.

And now Ahmedabad, for a short internship. Hardly an internship though. It was more like a paid vacation, sponsored by MyFM (wonderful wonderful people), and all we had to do was perform a street play that we made in a week's time (whatte fun!).

Just putting up pictures (yet again!) because I can't begin to explain how much fun it was.

12 people (sab ek se badh kar ek item!). Awesome fun!

SlutWalk Arthaat Besharmi Morcha- Take 1

If you google SlutWalk, you'll come across a number of interesting articles about this global movement. However, when it comes to SlutWalk Delhi, even though the name carries the burden of being inspired by the Walks held all over the globe, our issue is quite different. In fact, not all that different, but definitely more basic.

We want the right and freedom to choose-what to wear, what kind of jobs to take up,  when to travel, where to travel, who to be with, anything and everything.

Within three days of creating the event on facebook, the 'attending' list had already crossed five thousand. The sad part is that not all of them get what we're trying to say, and still want to 'attend' it because of the 'fancy' name , and the kind of attention it as ended up attracting.

We are NOT asking to let us dress-up as 'sluts' and walk on the roads. We are asking you to mind your own busine…

Hello Bombay!!

I smile every time I think of what I did in Bombay. And I smile because I can explain it better just by doing that.
Every time I did something awesome, I made a mental note of blogging about it. But somehow, none of that is going to be written here. One, because it is tooo much. And second, because it was one crazy trip, and people are judgmental.

So just posting pictures. Clicked around 300, but would be posting only selected few.
Rest are here and there.

                                                               Across  Victoria Terminus

                                                     Jewelery Shop, Colaba Causeway

                                                       Antiques, Colaba Causeway

Gateway of India

                                           Bugghy Ride, reminds me of 'Salaam Bombay'

                                                 Somewhere, where I'm not supposed to be.

                                                          'The' Taj

Marine Driv…

The Leaver and The Leavee (or, The Ignorer and The Ignoree)

As explained by a friend, "In every relationship, there is a Leaver and a Leavee. While the Leaver leaves, the Leavee gets left behind." And I shall add, this might just be a way to maintain balance in a relationship.

I had come up with the same thing (and it the same context, which of course is not of much importance now) a few days before him, the only difference being his Leaver was my Ignorer and his Leavee was my Ignoree. And again, the same old story, while the Ignorer ignores, the Ignoree keeps getting ignored.

I rest my case.