Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I'll be 25 in another two weeks, and for some unfathomable reason, I am pretty excited about this one. My birthdays are not really something I look forward to, and that's because of a lot of reasons- you keep building the hype for months and weeks and days and everything is over in just 24 hours, just like that, phoo; some calls never come, and you keep waiting till the end of the day, this thing constantly ticking at the back of you head; some unsaid expectations are not met, even though consciously you are not aware of these, but your heart shrinks when 'these things' don't happen.

That being said, this year has been quite a roller-coaster ride already, and there is not much to lose at this point in time. Hence the excitement. I've also made a special effort to clear the clutter, from my mind and physical space around me, just to make sure there is only good energy around my silver. And there are some little things that I have in mind to do for myself this birthday and in the year that follows. The best part- since my only expectations are from myself, it is only me that can disappoint me.

Silver Wishlist:
> Laptop
> Watch
> Bicycle
> Birthday dress

Silver resolutions:
> More sleep
> Less beer
> Lesser green tea
> More workout (more? more than nothing, atleast :/)
> More drawing
> More writing/blogging
> More cooking
> More saving
> More travel
> Turn down temper

Two more weeks with this subtle current of excitement that I am really hoping not to get jinxed, and bam! I'll be 25, quarter of a century.




Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Chris Martin

If you never try you never know.

But what if you do try and it doesn't work out in your favor? Do you get a chance to go back and fix things and restore them to what they were, or do you live with the fact that somewhere down the line, probably years from now, you will wake up one day and regret this decision you took?

What if you don't try? Are you willing to live your life in the shadow of all the 'what ifs' that could've happened but didn't because you refused to try?

What is easier to do? To know for certain, even if things don't go your way, or to live a life imagining what could have been but didn't,

The choice is unbelievably hard, but it's a choice we all have to make at certain points in our lives-what stream to choose, which college to go to, study more or start working, money or happiness, hold on or let go, move away or keep trying.

There is no way to know what life has in store for us. The only certainty is change. The tiniest of decisions can alter our lives in ways unimaginable. But we live with it, we stop exploring every option, we stop doubting, we find assurance in the decisions we take when the outcomes are what we expected. Probably, this is what growing up is all about. You don't have the constant urge to deep dive in the unknown just to find out when or whether or not you'll surface.

But for how long? The urge will come back, as we won't have a choice to make anymore choices. And that choice of being in a place where no more choices can be made must have been some conscious decision we took.

At best, we can all live with it.

"The world is round for a reason, it's so that we can't see too far ahead of us."