Sunday, July 19, 2009


"The moment you think of giving up, think of the reason you held so long, and that will give u the reason to survive longer."

Why is it that relationships, that we nurture with so much love and affection, suddenly seem alien to us when even a minor thing goes wrong? We invest loads the trust, love and understanding into each of our relationships but still there are times when the thought of giving up on them is so strong that it seems almost tangible. Agreed that there are times when we are betrayed, when are faith in someone is completely shaken, and when the other person does nothing to fulfill our expectations, but is it so hard to forgive them and move on in life? Instead, we hold on our grudge and prepare to give it all back to them, with interest.

P.S. I wrote this last year and I don't remember exactly why. But I still am intrigued by the same thoughts. Why?


Srishti said...

Hmm...maybe because the person means SO much to us that even the smallest fights seem so big.
That the urge to cause hurt to the person who hurt us is really strong...I dont know...I'm very inexperienced in these things! You're the master =D

Mishika said...

Master! :D I like that..

deluded said...


agreed with srishti :)

but then,

someone really awesome once said(read:me when I was high)

there are rocks on the smoothest roads
and there are are roads on the rockiest mounts :)

Mishika said...

Hello Deluded. Welcome!
That doesn't make it easier to accept that I can't invest in any relationship now, because I somehow know that it WILL end, sooner or later. :(

deluded said...

no, but why?

somethings last forever.

like the wind, and the seas.

so why not a relationship?

Mishika said...

Well they just don't. That's all I know.