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Slut Walk arthaat Besharmi Morcha- Finally!

Yes, the Walk did take place. And no, it wasn't a gathering, it was a proper walk.
Around thousand people turned up, and I am more than satisfied with what we have achieved. The pictures, appreciation, comments, remarks, criticisms- everything is available online.

What isn't is what I wish to share.
One of the radio stations did a show on how a Walk like this would change the society. My first reaction was to switch the station, but I din't, and I'm glad.

So this man called up and said-

"मैं भी लड़कियों को घूरा करता था पहले, पर मुझे समझ नहीं आता था इसमें दिक्कत क्या है? I now know that something as basic as staring is actually violating someone's privacy. I'm glad that the Walk din't focus only on rapes, but so-called 'trivial' issues like staring. It was an eye-opener."

I'm still smiling.
Sweet taste of satisfaction.