Saturday, September 05, 2009

Main khush hoon aaj khamakha!!

I've not been this happy for quite a while now. There is no particular reason (maybe there is, still figuring it out though!) but its just a phase which I want to enjoy till it lasts, and write about it so that I can feel the same joy again when I read it later.

There is no justification for doing something that is wrong, because since you know it is a wrong, the justification doesn't help. The other option can be to not think about it. Right now I know I am wrong, and as she said it- "It's karma, it will all come back to you sooner or later."- I'm ready for that also. Being selfish isn't that bad a thing after all, specially when you have given the other person food for thought.

I'm enjoying this time and I refuse to get out of it for my selfish reasons. I know I'm hurting people but then I've been hurt too. (Just when I thought I was happy, I realised how cynical I have become!!)


Main khush hun aaj khamakha
Ya iss dil mein hai koi wajah
Na jaanu main iss mod par
Ajab aisa hua hai kya

Main khush hun aaj khamakha
Ki dil mein khushi ke rang hain
Aur mann mein shukriya
Ki ye samay mere sang hai!

Main khush hun aaj khamakha
Na darr na fikr hai ab mujhe
Takdeer to khud hi likhi hai
To kaun rok sakega mujhe??


Srishti said...

Aap khush ho aaj khamaka?

Hmmm...kuch ghapla lag raha hai!

But it happens naa? You're in class and everything's so serious and suddenly, everything seems so funny! Life, people, world...everything. And then you laugh so much that you feel lightheaded and dizzy and have cramps in your stomach!

Khush raho, aabaad raho...kya pata, kal ho naa ho! :D

Harini said...

Its good to be happy :)

Mishika said...

@Srishti: Ghapla to hai.I'll tell you when we meet.

@Harini: Not really sure how good it is to be happy at the expense of others though. :)

truemate said...

wah wah.. kya baat kya baat...

ctnd urs khamakha.....

khamakha pedo ka gujarna
khamakha raaston ka chalna
kya hain yunhi kahi girna
girke phirse sambhalna