Monday, June 29, 2009

Rain: Part I

It finally rained today! Such a relief.
Monsoons have finally hit Delhi too, or so I want to presume after a li'l bit of rain.


SrishtiC said...

Relief to you but terror for us!
If the monsoon hits Delhi, the school will re-open early and the half yearlies will take place earlier! And I haven't studied.

While you've been wishing for the monsoon, I've been wishing for Sun to shine as bright as it can!
So they cancel school altogether.
Ergo, half-yearlies are cancelled :D

Mishika said...

1. The schools will eventually re-open, and the exams will take place too. There is no escaping both these things.
2. I loved school! Even if the exams sucked, there were so many other things/people that compensated for that! )You know what I'm talking abt, don't you?)

SrishtiC said...

Hehe...I do :D