Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thank You! <3

For some reason i couldn't finish my village traveller series. Its been long since i last blogged. Nothing inspired me enough to blog about it, or maybe there were just too many things happening for me to write about them.

I've had quite an eventful week. Things I never expected happened, people that I never expected would call did, it all feels so surreal. But I'm not complaining. Its just a phase, and I know it will pass. I just wanted to thank Vidu and Anirudh for being there when I needed them. I know you guys will never read this,but still wanted to let others know that you mean a lot to me.

And Lakshya!! I love you. What would I ever do without you??

And since its his birthday and we aren't really in terms anymore, happy birthday. Have a great day. Everything has an expiry date, and so did our friendship. Hard luck! :)


Srishti said...

"Everything has an expiry date, and so did our friendship. Hard luck!"

You make me sad :(

Mishika said...

But it is true. Everything means EVERYTHING!!

Aastha Khurana said...

"everything has an expiration date..! :|

Mishika said...

True, isn't it?

Purn!ma Malhotra said...

Circumstances change, perceptions also change and people too!
Sad, but true!