Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Well I want to blog, but there is nothing concrete that I want to write about. So I think I will just pen down the recent bittersweet developements since last week!

Here I go!

1. I moved out of my house after ONE WHOLE WEEK! That was the longest I stayed at home since last year and only I know how bad it was. (Ya well being grounded is never fun, but this one was terrible-one week!!)
But then I can always count on Lakshya to get me out of trouble! We had ECA auditions. They were great too!

2. I had a fight with one of my closest friends (This is the nth time I'm using this sentence in the past month-it's 8th today, by the way- each time for a different 'close friend'!). OK so this wasn't really a fight, just some stupid misunderstanding, which I haven't figured out correctly yet! (Yea! That's the bitter of the bittersweet.)

3. Unexpected outings are always more fun than planned ones. Met a couple of friends few days back, the auto ride being the best part about it.

4. Almost the whole of Lakshya went to Subway for lunch (at 4pm!) yesterday!. I love Subway, and I love Lakshya even more, so this definitely needed a mention.

5. Another 'close friend' of mine (Hahahhahha!!) cleared the mess that had accumulated between us in the recent past. I might meet him tomorrow. :)

6. Ma isn't mad at me anymore (ignorance is bliss), and about Chumki, I don't really want to comment (thoroughly 'bitter').

I think that's about it I guess. Not really an eventful week, but still there are always things that are worth mentioning. :D


SrishtiC said...

Haww...being grounded must be really hard for you naa?
But now the weather's finally pleasent, the sun's finally gone(it isn't there right now) and you can finally go out!

Mishika said...

It was. But now (almost) everything is sorted. :)