Sunday, November 02, 2008

my renovated house!

It was Diwali time and therefore, like many others, my house also got renovated. Although I wasn't even informed about it in the beginning ("because you're hardly home", is what my parents said), it was a good news. It was exciting to come home and discover all the progress that was being made on a daily basis. Even though the house was in a complete mess, I was loving the way things were turning up.
The work was scheduled to be completed in the next 3-4 days, but I had to leave for Kanpur for a college competition. I came back one day before Diwali and, as expected, my house did look different.
But now I realise it's no longer "home" for me. Home is some place where you can be comfortable but unfortunately after renovations, my mother has become even a bigger cleanliness freak. I'm not allowed to walk with floaters in the house, I'm supposed to clean the floor if I leave patches on it, I'm supposed to wash my feet as soon as I enter the house, the bed is always supposed to be made with the bed-cover on and nothing on it with the exception of two pillows, no clothes should be lying here and there, and blah blah blah....! The list still goes on and on and on. I somehow end up screwing everything even when all I do is nothing.

So basically this post is to vent out all my frustration because of the fact that I can no longer be comfortable(read messy) at home. :(

P.S. If any of you, ma or papa, are reading this, this is not meant to be offensive. It's not even your fault. You were right when you said I'm partially a pig, because I now realise how much I love living in a mess. Love you both (even though you're big cleanliness freaks).