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SlutWalk Arthaat Besharmi Morcha- Take 1

If you google SlutWalk, you'll come across a number of interesting articles about this global movement. However, when it comes to SlutWalk Delhi, even though the name carries the burden of being inspired by the Walks held all over the globe, our issue is quite different. In fact, not all that different, but definitely more basic.

We want the right and freedom to choose-what to wear, what kind of jobs to take up,  when to travel, where to travel, who to be with, anything and everything.

Within three days of creating the event on facebook, the 'attending' list had already crossed five thousand. The sad part is that not all of them get what we're trying to say, and still want to 'attend' it because of the 'fancy' name , and the kind of attention it as ended up attracting.

  1. We are NOT asking to let us dress-up as 'sluts' and walk on the roads. We are asking you to mind your own business, specially if you think I have a bust-line worth staring, or it's ok to hum cheap songs or whistle when I'm in a public space.
  2. We MOST DEFINITELY are targeting the mentality of the people. If you think that, well, 'a dress is a yes', I have an issue with you. And I will only feel satisfied once I've talked you out of this.
  3. This is NOT an anti-boy's movement. It's as much as 'anti-girls' movement in that case then, because we have issues with girls who refuse to speak-up! 
  4. Yes I am a FEMINIST. And so are you if you think both the genders need to be treated equally. There, I just broke your bubble. It's not a bad word to be associated with. Stop shielding yourself every time you're called a feminist. 

This article says a lot of things we are trying to say. Do read it if you come across this piece.

Be a part of the movement if you feel for it. Discuss it with us if you don't. Just don't keep sitting out there, pretending it doesn't matter, because it does.


Sumit said…
Im all,isnt it still blown out of proportion?
As in.. Singing sum cheap songs or whistling while passing by is sumthing banal and trite now in cities like delhi.. The SLUTWALK originated with a cops' remark..but sumhow took a different note altogether globally.. :-)
DEV said…
If this gonna change the entire scenario.. Thumps Up!!
I hope.. this doesn't go in vain..
It just to morally enlighten the masses for a free n safe society .. Well i support the fact that both the sexes b treated equally, n nothing like if the weaker sex can't speak up u gonna empower upon them.. Make our country a place where we have got every right to live the way v want..
Anonymous said…
All I want to say is good luck with the not-staring bit. Since the dawn of civilization, men have checked out women and their bust-lines. And that is not going to change. On a personal note, I don't think that is disrespectful so long as the man isn't staring (perhaps a corner-of-the-eyes look?) or doing anything that would make the woman feel uncomfortable. I do not believe that checking out a woman's bust-line is any different from checking out her face. Why the stigma associated with breasts? You being the "feminist" would, no doubt, agree with me. And the notion of feminism is a hard-line philosophy that is impossible for a man to advocate. It is probably the most misunderstood phrase in the world today by the layman, keeping in mind its origins and historical discourse. To term yourself a moderate feminist would be a better option, in my opinion. Furthermore, there is no idea in history that has led to more conflict on its own horizontal. There exists no one idea called feminism, not even a theoretical consensus. Feminism is several different, often contradictory movements. Better still to merely stick to "equal rights and opportunities", no?
Mishika said…
@Sumit: Agreed, but whatever I'm talking about does happen, everyday, all the time. We've tried to modify the Walk in our context. Let's see where it goes from here.

@Dev: Even if it doesn't end up in something revolutionary, I will be satisfied that at least I tried. Thank you for the support. :)

@SS: The problem is not just with staring the bust-line, the problem is with staring. And the problem is not just harmlessly 'checking-out' women (face, bust, as, whatever!), but undressing them with your eyes while you did. We all understand the difference between a good gaze and a bad gaze.
About the feminist comment, I like to believe and stick to the simplified version.
Sam said…
"And the problem is not just harmlessly 'checking-out' women (face, bust, as, whatever!), but undressing them with your eyes while you did"

Very well put Mishika...I once went to Miranda House and realized what its like. :p

But how would such a thing influence the uneducated road side bhaiyas and autowalas. I say make a separate cell just for women under kiran bedi to hardly tackle this issue.
Karishma Walia said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karishma Walia said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karishma Walia said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mishika said…
@Sam: The idea if for the women to realise that even 'small-little' things like staring are an issue. It's a very important part of the larger picture.
If I humiliate an auto-walla today for undressing me with his eyes, chances are that h will think twice before doing it again.
truemate said…
its sometime ok to say slut to any women... as some girls behave like sluts only haveing 2/3 BF at same time..running behind money and so on...but not all like that,So if this word used on like those cheap womens then its ok but not for others..know that ugly maria case,where she and her BF murder neeraj grover and cut his body in 300 pieces then thrown it in jungle..and indian dumb laws even cant punish her..And those womens who do abortion kill small unborn kids and even throw them in dustbin like these shitz womens are BIG SLUTS..
Womens and boys should be treated equally agreee---- even in any murder or fake rape case womens should be HANGED.. now that perfect equality means :))

Plus womens should dress up properly,no need to show more of their skin...if with urs friends and some private place then its ok.. but in public places plz ctrl urself..Show urs inner beauty more then exposeing flesh.
truemate said…
JUST SEEN SOME Karishma Walia's post has been removed,wats she had written that all gone lol...

And lastly this slut cat-walk was first started in torntoo nah? huuh now i come to know why some indian so excited with this..especially delhi people are good target of these crap media..I mostly see they make delhi people only their bakra for like these things(do delhi people r hungry for name/fame).They use them, take some interviews ,flash their pics on their sites/channel and these media people get nice spicy topic for their channels... then after some time they kick all these new voices...its now sounds like slut only--use and throw by them.....Its not hard to make indian fools,as they always have a dirty habbit of copying west...
This works or not works,I know theres lots of rape in delhi side, (an that dumb state gov doing nothing) these brave girls liveing with sexual predators but beware of crap media..they just useing these teens for their personnal benefit.
Sam said…
Truemate for President!! He'll decide what girls should wear. AND he'll decide that in his own bhaiya english!!
Mishika said…
@truemate: is where you shall find all your answers. Ping me if that isn't enough.

@Sam: Still laughing! :)
truemate said…
@ Uncle Sam aka the women supporter or something else !... i meet many people like u who just want to lick feets of others especially womens.. in return what u get ? ;)

Dumb guy read gain properly what written,open urs tiny brain

@ mishika.. did it hurts when media name came up :) .. again read the last 5 lines of my post just above that dumb sam
truemate said…
P.S - if i will be President, i dont know about others but u will have full right to roam even without clothes,dont worry no one will spank you ...

And the second thing i will make a strict rule, hang the person who raped women or tie bricks to their private parts as punishment.

This really happen in bangladesh-
"""The council chief and some village elders beat him and made him parade with a brick tied to his penis at a river ghat (steps) under the full gaze of at least 200 people," police sub-inspector Binoy Krishna Kar said. ""

Very good,next time everyone will think thousand time before teasing or rapeing a women, but they should have used a wet brick. fitting punishment lol...And may be Women folk would have enjoyed the scene.....jokeing :p

But seriously cant be prez/ruler of the country as Criminals and Crime is ruler of the nation,u should be one of them to be in high position in any politics....
And what about punishment i have said above this cant happen in india,az some hungry media(not all) & those bribe NGO's will compare this against human rights and against secularism of india lol
Sam said…
Sorry man, I seriously ain't getting anything out of licking women's feet. I definitely need introspection on my part.

@Mishika: "Did it hurts?" :p
you used to be cute two years ago, seems like traveling has been taking a toll on you.
Mishika said…
@Sam: And you would say that because?
Sam said…
after looking at your current pics.
Alpha said…
hey Tutul??!! Whats up with that name btw ..
how is DU's take on this ..
Pretty awesome job with the media coverage ...
Nice way to 'Bloat' up your Resume !!

go powerpuff !!

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