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I've always thought that attachment was a non-physical entity, just an emotional bond, that you develop over time. It was only very recently that I discovered that, for me, it is more of a physical thing. And this is the best way I could describe it-

"It's like you open own up to another person, layer by layer. Initially, only the first few, superficial layers come out, the one where your opinions, your interests, your stories are hidden. These layers are the ones we shed every now and then, to make way for new layers, for new opinions, new interests, and new stories. But somewhere, as time passes by, you open up your deeper layers and let someone else in, with them letting you in at the same time. It's not a conscious process, it's just how it is. Strangers that you have just met suddenly seem to know you better than 'friends' you have spent so much time with. Before you know, you have shed the deepest layers and bared your soul to someone, without even …