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hello :)

Hello, because i don't know what else to call it. It's been almost a month since i last blogged. Probably the longest break I have taken. But i had my reasons :)
1. i slipped on the stairs and hurt my spine so badly that i was on bed rest for 10 days! thankfully, i didn't fracture it. been walking around the house lately, and that itself feels like some big achievement.
2. another relationship came to an end. the only consolation is that none (well, almost) of it was my fault. but ya, analyzing it did keep me quite occupied.
3. college theatre meetings keep me busy! we haven't yet started with the academic year but Lakshya (my dramatics society) has already been working for almost a month now.
will post something as soon as i manage to clear my head.
p.s. result out. 71.25% :D :D