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Hello, Stranger! what I feel like saying every time I look at the mirror.
I am mostly the same person that started writing this blog in 2008, but my priorities have gone for a toss. I just went through my older posts and I realised that I miss blogging. I miss it a lot. It's funny how the least important things in life consume so much of your time that you have no time left for the things you love to do. And before you know, you have forgotten all about that part of you that loved to do those little things. I have stopped writing, blogging, drawing, playing badminton and a lot of other things (Wow! There's a whole list, now that I'm thinking about it!) and been too pre-occupied with irrelevant things.

But thanks to CRD, who happened to leave a comment on my previous post, I took out time and read and re-read everything that I have written. Thank you so much, whoever you are. You ended up helping me reconnect with my 'old self'.

"..bannware se mann ki dekho, baanwari hai …

Such Sweet Nothing!

It's a good good day.
I have never waited so impatiently for life to 'start'. College will be over in a few months and I will finally be able to do the things I have always wanted to do. There is a very fresh excitement in the air, the kind that I last felt sometime in 2008. Seems like the beginning of a new end.

It feels good. Really good.
Don't know how else to put it.

Kissing the world with fingers crossed.