Monday, June 08, 2009

Hey! I'm adopted!

Chumki's favorite pass time is to irritate me. This is something she aces. No matter how hard I try, I can't ignore her for long (You'll know exactly why if you know either of us well). And she is very creative when it comes to ways of irritating me.

So this time she came up with this whole story of how and why I was adopted (No I haven't been adopted. I am my parents child, but Chumki has a different story altogether!) This is what it goes like (explanation being given to R, in front of Ma):

"I am the first child, so obviously I was extremely pampered. Ma and Papa gave me so much that I got bored of everything (which includes all my toys, friends, books, etc etc). So they obviously wanted to get something that could entertain me for sometime at least. That's when they got her (i.e. Mishika) so that I wouldn't get bored. But later they got attached and adopted her."


P.S. I have heard so many of these "how-and-why-I-was-adopted" stories that I don't even believe them anymore (initially I did :p).

Plus I resemble my family members way too much to buy that I am adopted.

Hard luck Chumki!!


Anya said...

why are you obsessed with me? why oh why??? ;-)

Mishika said...

Correction. YOU are obsessed with ME!!

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