Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ladhkhadaaye Kadam!!

I love dancing, even though I just can't. I try all the time. Its worse than my singing (if you know me well enough then you would know why!). Most people are usually amazed at my dancing "skills", it's hard to believe how bad I am!!

This one's choreographed by me, and I obviously love it. If you think you can't dance, you should definitely watch this. You'll feel loads better and so much more confident. Enjoy!!

P.S. The one in green is Nupur. She reinforces my madness! Love <3

June14: One more. Just found it yday. I love this too. Solo performance. :)


PratZ said...

haha !!! lolz.z. !! gud job ! keep t up ! ;)

Mishika said...

Sure sir.

solaceofsilence said...

You are Bad!!!

Mishika said...

That doesn't stop me, not at all. :P

truemate said...
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truemate said...

oyee. sorry but



wat was that... who was yours choreographer lol .. you should now take part in hrithik roshan tv show "just dance" or the other show "Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega" bet the best entertainment award tah mil hi jaye ga :p

Btw this is the other side of urs hmmm.. so nice & funny lol.. keep it up.. but i cant stop laughing :D

next time try these stepas--- >