Friday, June 05, 2009

Brida: Paulo Coelho!!

I just liked these lines/quotes/ideas/(whatever) a lot!!

  • We study what we can see, but what we see is not always what exists.
  • As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.
  • The night is just a part of the day.
  • Miracles can't be explained, but they exist for those who believe in them.
  • What is outside is harder to change than what is inside.
  • Judging oneself to be inferior to others is one of the worst forms of pride you can know, because it is the most destructive way of being different.
  • It isn't explanations that carry us forward, it is our desire to go on.
  • People get used to their own mistakes, and it's not long before they start taking them as virtues.
  • This far, and no farther!
  • They had confessed their love to each other and now, they were embarrassed to look each other in the eye.
  • Love is no respecter of reasons.
  • You only live twice- once when you are born, and once when you look death in the face.


SrishtiC said...

Me likey. I like all these quotes. Do you collect these, or what? :P

Mishika said...

Yes I do.

solaceofsilence said...

from where did you get these???

Mishika said...

The book, Brida. Liked these while reading it, so took them down.