Sunday, January 17, 2010

Movie time!

I'm starting with the shoot of my fifth documentary tomorrow. And by shoot I mean I'm acting in it, not directing it. :(

It's "an intense love story", directed by students of final year M.A. Mass Communication, Jamia. Looking forward to it . :)

I've been planning on making my own movie since the beginning of this year, but somehow never got enough time. But that is just another excuse I know. Anyway, I hope I manage to direct one by the end of this semester.

**fingers crossed**

Oh and I saw "Pyaar Impossible". Horrible horrible movie. Sheer waste of money!

P.S. Dear anon stalker, I know who you are. I thought you had a life, but unfortunately you don't. I feel sorry for you.


Rishabh Ladha said...


Rishabh Ladha said...

Gud thing bout pyaar impossible though...i ended up reachin the wrong theatre..thank god for dat..
so long...

Srishti said...

Can I get an autograph already please? Because you're becoming so famous so very soon, you'll have no time for kids like me :(

Spill Tutul didi! RIGHT NOW.

Nitin said...

lol... the PS was the best part :)

all the best(for the documentary)

Mishika said...

@Laddu: so the 'blogger you' is still alive! Nice. Post something soon. :)

@Srishti: I'll always have time for you, my Team-Aman captain! And I'll text you about the stalker.:P

@Nitin: I know!And the movie was really cool. Thanks for the wishes!

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