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Losing Faith

Losing faith, in life and it's ways
Losing faith, one incident is all it takes
And then you question what it's all about
You wonder if its worth the pain
When you have nothing, there is nothing to lose, and therefore, nothing at stake
Too many questions, none are answered
Too many questions
Losing faith, in life and its ways
One little incident, one small, minor incident, that will push you off the track
One incident is all it takes
Losing faith, in life and its ways



Pratyush said…
Flies, bloodthirsty
Buzzing in the background
Tormenting - Annoyed,
The traveler
Wearies of the road
And puts himself
Below the very next car
To screech down the
Desert highway
pRasad said…
Nice poem..! I agree to some extend..

I read your got lucky for second time post..but didn't get why did you give this title ?
Mishika said…
@Pratyush: *eyes popping out*
@Prasad: thank you. because that was my second by-line..
Nitin said…
ah, verses :) nice :) write more!

u'll probably laugh reading this- it is rather pleasant to read what disturbed Mishika writes!
Mishika said…
@Nitin: i came online because i was disturbed (yet again), but ur comment made me smile. so for once, i think i'll pass. :)
thank you so much! u have no idea what you just did.
Srishti said…
This is veryyyyyy nice. :) But you know how I lost my faith? By watching American Pie. Reveals so much about guys, I lost my faith. So now Mallika's the only one whom you have to get disgusted at. I'm DONE.
But excellent post.
pRasad said…

Your comment just made me laugh..!

Not all guys are like's too much exaggerated.. hahaha..!
Mishika said…
@srishti: thats some relief. Agreed that all guys are screwed up in some way or the other..but aint that common to the entire human race?? I mean to come to think of it, i think i'm quite messed up too. If you can feel all emotions, you are bound to screw up. Im guessing Prasad would agree.

P.s. Cant decide what sucks more-stuck in bed for over a week, or writing this using touchscreen!!!
pRasad said…

I have to agree :)
CRD said…
Don't ever lose faith...not in Yourself atleast.

Mishika said…
@CRD: i try :)

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