Sunday, January 03, 2010

Knock Knock!

They just got over with their last class for the day, night actually. It was 2am. Funny how some institutions don't really pay attention to our body clocks. Six of them shared a room, the biggest room in the hostel. He was about to change into his pajamas when she tapped the window pane. He didn't know her, and neither did she.

But she was beautiful.

She needed some change, urgently. He was too sleepy to pay attention. He checked his pockets and gave whatever little he had. That must havebeen enough, because she left.
He turned around and saw the other five staring at him, frozen. They looked petrified, as if they'd seen a ghost.

And maybe they had.

The room was on the 7th floor.

**true story**


Srishti said...

This is a true story? Seriously?
Omg. But how can that be??

soin said...

so which among the three had jd?

Mishika said...

@Kid: well ive been told it is.
@Soin: umm jd?

Anonymous said...

true story.

PS: the window opened to a corridor :p

Nitin said...

spooky... calling Holmes and Poirot to solve the mystery :)

Abhinav Kr. Anguria said...

Holy mother of jesus..
its creepy..

i guess...they also have change problems in the ghost world...

anal sengupta said...
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Onol sengupta said...

Please mishika.. You scared me :/
Its creepy !!

Mishika said...

Knock-Knock!! :D