Monday, June 07, 2010

First By-Line!

Yes I got my first by-line in today's Mail Today, pg 14!!

Its a great feeling to see my name there :D.
The image isn't all that clear, so posting a link (or you can just click on the pic).

"By Mishika Singh in New Delhi".. Fancy, ain't it??

Also, Happy Birthday to my chuddy buddy (amongst other things), so double celebration!!

On a High,
Mish-ika ;)


The Tragic Life of Pi said...


Srishti said...


Baljinder Singh said...

Hey...congrats...Its really a big achievement....
Nice article....

soin said...

congratulation. i have been told its tough to get a

Mishika said...

@Pi: Thank you :)
@Srishti: Thanks. Have fun :)
@Baljinder: Yea i guess :D
@Soin: well, i got my second one too. Thanks :)

Nitin said...

U enjoyed writing it, didn't you?

Great girl! congrats!!

Mishika said...

Oh i loved it :)