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Confessions of a Workaholic (?)

'Confessions of a Patient' would have been more apt title, but I wouldn't want to do that to myself one day before my big day.

So ya, this semester, more that work, it's been illness that had kept me away. After the last post about Mail Today (that would be end of June), I slipped on the stairs broke my back (almost, severe spinal injuries). Took me a month to get better. And in September again I was down with viral, so one whole week of good food that seemed tasteless and very high temperature!

End of September went surprisingly well. My first play -FRIHET (first one which I co-directed) was staged in Little Theatre Group Auditorium as a part of the Delhi Ibsen Theatre Festival which, by the way, was huge.
(Uploading the pictures. The lights look wonderful; I did them :P )

September was also my movie making month. Yes, after two long years of procrastination, we finally made our movie (but that was under compulsion, so doesn't really count). It was about Virginity and Men. I would've uploaded that too but the file is too big.

I haven't done much after that. Our new street play, JASHN, was not well received by the audience. But that was pretty much expected, since we are totally going against the 'norms' of street theatre.
The good part is that HUM PAR HAI AAROP, the street play that I did in my first year was adjudged the Best Directed Play in the Asmita Street Theatre Festival. (Pictures!!)

FRIHET was also selected for Atelier Youth Theatre Week 2010 and we performed it with major modifications in Kamani Auditorium on November 20th. However, the play did not get selected for Old World Theatre Festival :(

College is over in terms of classes. Still have four long months of dissertation and intenship to go, but that should be fun. Lakshya, however, will make sure that I turn up for practice everyday (once I get over this stupid spell of cold and tonsils) and not cry about missing college already.

That is mostly what I have been up to. I felt guilty not writing for so long, and this is actually quite a relief. It was like abandoning my blog, and I'm glad to be back.

P.S. My sister is quite like the epitome of style. She is, at least for me, considering I'm, in her words, 'fashionably challenged'. And she is a lawyer by profession. Now the reason I'm writing this as post-script is because she is very soon going to start her own fashion blog, and though I have nothing to do with style or fashion, I am VERY excited about this. It amusing how she makes all of click pictures of her every single day. But trust me, she is good, really good. :D


Mishika said…
Eh, I had already written abt hurting my back. :O
Nitisha Pande said…
I just stumbled upon your blog, and I think you're a wonderful writer. And it's so amazing that you're into movies! :)
Mishika said…
Thank you :)

Stumbled on yours, and I'm glad i did :)

Happy Blogging!

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