Saturday, January 30, 2010

IIT Kharagpur, a week that was!

Finally my dream of going to Kolkata came true. It wasn't anywhere close to the way I'd always imagined it to be, but I made it to the places I wanted to and that's all that matters!

Technically it was a trip to IIT Kharagpur (which had the suckiest fest ever. No accommodation, no bedding...arrgh!!) but I was lucky enough that our train got cancelled and we had to take another one from Kolkata to New Delhi.

IIT Kharagpur, selected few..

Indian railways, my love!

GM flowers Our "dorm" :X

SN Girls Hostel, IIT Kh.



Srishti said...

A week that was.
It could've been better if you had just looked around the NUJS a little bit. :(

Mishika said...

Yea right. Would have killed it. :X

Anonymous said...

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