Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chumki and I, Again

Well..Chumki read my last post and called me up to say..
"Bewakoof!! Tum pagal ho. Fishy sach mein humko boli thi. Par wo boli thi ki kissi ko nai batana. She is my friend."
("Stupid!! You are mad. Fishy actually spoke to me, but she told me not to tell anyone. She is my friend.")
I can't be blamed for being the way I am, for I live with such amazingly, insanely cute and crazy people.


Anya said...

Very clever I must have a talent for fabricating stuff!!!xxx

Mishika said...


SrishtiC said...

I like the name 'Chumki' :D

Mishika said...

I like Tutul better! :)