Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chumki and I :D

A very BIZARRE conversation, early in the morning...

Me: What happened?

Chumki: Too many mosquitoes.

Me: I can't see any. You're behaving in a really weird way chumkoo...Retard!!

Chumki: Nahi. Hain naa! Fishy spoke to me yesterday?

Me: Who fishy?

Chumki: Aquarium wali. She told me she will eat all the mosquitoes, if Ma lets her out.

Me: Really? And what exactly did you tell her?

Chumki: That I can't let her out because Ma will not like it. She won't like it. And she complained about Ma not feeding her on time. So I told her that I will talk to her about it.

Me: Goodnight Chumki...You need sleep!!

P.S. Chumki is my elder sister. This is what happened to her when my computer wasn't functioning for one whole day. But now it's fine, so I hope she is fine too by the time I reach home.

By the way she is 23, turning 24 this July. :)

P.P.S. I love you Chumki...You're the sole cause of me being retard!


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Isn't she cute?