Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moving On!!

I took a decision yesterday,
I'm not too sure how right, or how wrong,
All I know is that I'm the middle of this ocean, whose shore is not in my vicinity,
Just hoping that the tides, would sway me along.

I knew it would be hard,
But it's harder than I thought.
Becuase you still remain in my memory,
A memory that I thought I long back forgot.

You are my past, and this is my present,
This is a fact, to terms with which I have to come.
But like every other failed attempt to move away from you,
This might also be easier said than done!

I'll give in my everything to make this work,
I want to give in my heart and soul.
But feelings for you that have been supressed for long,
Will undoubtedly be very difficult to control!


SrishtiC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mishika said...

Why exactly did you post a comment and delete it?

dwaipayan said...

i agree.. writing doesn't help... but that's all we could do.. and waut for the time to blot away the memories

Mishika said...