Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The North and South of Delhi University

Because this year has been so harsh on me (and even worse on friends around), there is nothing more I wish for right now than this year to get over.

2012, Please come soon!

And because so many things have happened, there was no time to blog.

But killing these ten days is going to be more difficult than I thought, so I'd rather vent here than anywhere else.

If I hadn't announced it already (clears throat), I'm doing law! Law from North Campus. Now when I come to dissect this, I cannot decide which out the two is a bad thing (if at all any of it is, that is). I've wanted to do law since long (or so I think), and I'd already dropped it once. Dropping it the second time would have killed me. But the thing is that I fell in love with film-making in these three years (remember three years of graduation? I did it in Journalism), and divorcing that killed me too. It's the second-toughest choice I've ever had to make in my life. (The first one was dropping either Maths or Biology in 12th- I dropped Maths)

Now the North Campus part. When the whole world was pining to get into North, I had comfortably settled down in Kamala Nehru, an off-South Campus college. And when people had started growing tired of it, I wanted to spend my every breathing second there (owing to, of course, the many many friends I had there). And now, when all have them have passed out (Yes, people clear college and move on with life!), I am here, in North, for the next THREE years.

For someone who has not been a part of Delhi University, understanding this Campus war will be difficult. Let's just say the even though most of North Campus college are arch rivals, when it comes to rivalry with South Campus colleges, they gang-up. And while being in North Campus is in itself a status quo, The South-ies are always ready to defend their Campus.

Anyhow, the thing is, I'm doing Law, and I'm doing it from North Campus. Period.

P.S. I finally turned 21. I'd started feeling like I was the only one who hadn't hit the mark yet; somehow the whole world had crossed it much before I did!

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