Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Leaver and The Leavee (or, The Ignorer and The Ignoree)

As explained by a friend, "In every relationship, there is a Leaver and a Leavee. While the Leaver leaves, the Leavee gets left behind." And I shall add, this might just be a way to maintain balance in a relationship.

I had come up with the same thing (and it the same context, which of course is not of much importance now) a few days before him, the only difference being his Leaver was my Ignorer and his Leavee was my Ignoree. And again, the same old story, while the Ignorer ignores, the Ignoree keeps getting ignored.

I rest my case.


Baljinder Singh said...

the policy decided by our on consciousness.....nicely written...:)

Mishika said...

Or our sub-conscious.

Thank you!

Pathfinder said...

Nice blog ... just came across it .

Mishika said...

@Pathfinder: Thank you.